3 of the Reasons DocuSign is a True Industry Disruptor

Keith Krach
September 27, 2016

There is often confusion over the difference between companies labeled as innovative and companies identified as disruptors. The two terms both refer to change in some capacity. However, the best way to sum up the difference between the two may be this: while innovation is required of a disruptor, innovation alone does not lead to disruption.

Disruptive companies do not only develop better, more efficient technologies than the competition, though they do that. They also bring solid, established industries down in the process, replacing them with new industry standards that better serve the needs of businesses and their customers.

DocuSign and its digital mindset has something to offer every business in any industry because the Digital Transaction Management platform has found a way to disrupt a resource used on an international scale. DocuSign disrupts paper.

How does the company do that? Easily, affordably, and with the support of over 250,000 companies that have already integrated DocuSign products into their daily operations. Listed below are three reasons why DocuSign products are able to disrupt the business sector’s reliance on paper-based processes.

1. DocuSign’s technology increases business velocity.

Time is a commodity that businesses and customers mutually value. Companies want to close transactions as quickly as possible while still delivering a high quality product or service. At the same time, clients want to receive products and services swiftly in order to add value to their own lives. DocuSign’s eSignature technology allows both companies and clients to achieve these goals with greater efficiency and convenience than ever before.

A traditional reliance on paper-based processes to conduct business often requires all parties involved in a transaction to be physically present to give a signature. Otherwise, documents must be mailed or busy schedules must be coordinated in order to bridge distance and obtain a wet signature. This in turn increases the amount of time it takes for an agreement to be completed and slows business velocity.

The slower a company’s business velocity, the longer it takes to bring products or services to market. This lengthens the amount of time required to close transactions and delays the ability of customers to receive goods. DocuSign, however, can take these kinds of delays out of the equation.

The company’s eSignature platform allows users on both sides of the market to endow a document with a digital version of their signature anytime, anywhere. With the click of a button, virtual documents can be sent to clients located around in the world via email and completed in less than an hour.

Legally binding and highly secure, the eSignature platform has made signing documents so convenient that well over half of documents signed via the DocuSign Global Trust Network are completed within one hour. If speed is the new currency of business in the digital age, then DocuSign’s identity as an industry disruptor can be seen in its capacity to help its customers close transactions and roll out products faster than ever before.

2. DocuSign makes it easy for customers to integrate the platform directly into existing operations.

Innovative technologies as a whole bring businesses increased levels of efficiency and success. But unless a technology company is able to offer a product that can be easily integrated into and used within existing software programs, the technology is unlikely to yield a significant ROI. A company cannot be a disruptor if it cannot conduct operations in an efficient manner.

DocuSign has made it easy for clients to integrate the Digital Transaction Management platform directly into tools and systems that are already in place. Backed by an extensive network of resources for integration support, DocuSign’s API is powerful yet simple to use.

Using the guide provided on the website, clients can easily embed the eSignature platform directly into websites or mobile apps. In addition, the company offers prebuilt integrations for tools from some of the business world’s most popular brands, including Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, Apple, and NetSuite.

Companies that use DocuSign can experience the many benefits of its innovative technology sooner and diminish the reliance on paper faster - a trait that distinguishes DocuSign as an industry disruptor.

3. DocuSign simplifies processes.

One of the main reasons that disruptors are able to make such significant changes within industries is through tools that radically simplify operations. Taking a complex yet valuable process and making it simple to facilitate has a trickle-down effect on an organization’s entire business model. Disruptors conduct business or provide products in a way that leaves no doubt that the new way of doing things enhances efficiency and accelerates the speed of business.  

DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management platform and eSignature option do exactly that for a wide range of companies. The ability to efficiently obtain eSignatures and manage all documents in a digital format nullifies the need to rely on paper-based processes that unnecessarily slow business velocity. DocuSign’s products and services provide clients with a simple alternative to a business staple that has long been an industry standard, the mark of a true disruptor.

Keith Krach

Keith Krach is Chairman of DocuSign, The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management.