4 Awesome Ways That You Can Use DocuSign

Keith Krach
August 19, 2016

Used in all business industries worldwide, DocuSign is a Digital Transaction Management platform that makes it easy to increase business efficiency through paperless operations. Companies using DocuSign can securely store digital documents, obtain signatures for contracts and agreements, and manage workflows to make their business run more smoothly.

1. Complete your taxes
However, DocuSign isn't a tool meant solely for corporations. Individual users may choose to employ DocuSign in their personal lives to make navigating daily life a simpler, less stressful process. In fact, DocuSign's eSignature technology and Digital Transaction Management platform can be used personally in ways that many never have considered.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, every year around one-third of Americans put off paying taxes until the last few weeks. In 2015 over 21 million taxpayers waited until the very last week to file. This may be, in part, because filing taxes is for many a time-consuming process requiring an in-person visit to an accountant or tax preparer's office.

In 2014 the IRS approved a regulation that allows for the acceptance of electronic signatures on its 8878 and 8879 forms, giving tax preparers the ability to file on behalf of clients after obtaining an authorized electronic signature. Using DocuSign, Americans filing taxes through a tax preparer can now e-sign and complete the filing process without ever setting foot inside a tax professional's office. DocuSign makes it easier than ever to file on time, and can save you some time in the process.

2. Go on a more convenient international vacation (or business trip)

Traveling abroad for business or pleasure requires a lot of planning ahead. Hotels need to be booked, passports need to be updated, and itineraries need to be laid out—not to mention, it can be overwhelming getting around in an unfamiliar city. Because complications can arise in the moment, the more arrangements that you can take care of prior to arrival, the better.

DocuSign can help reduce travel-related stress before a vacation or business trip. Prior to departure, DocuSign users can utilize the eSignature software to digitally complete applications for programs such as TSA PreCheck and Global Entry. These programs allow travelers to bypass tedious airport lines and arrive at their intended destination without the intensive security checks. Applying for these programs is easier than ever using DocuSign technology, which allows you to sign off on the application over the Internet.

Travelers can also use DocuSign to complete paperwork for a rental vehicle in a destination country before they arrive, eliminating potential wait times, complications, or surprise unavailability. Additionally, travelers who use DocuSign can store copies of passports and visas in DocuSign Transaction Rooms, which allow them to access the copies even when offline.

3. Navigate the home buying process

Purchasing a home requires the coordination of multiple professionals from different areas of the real estate industry. Prospective homeowners typically must earn approval for a loan, work with a real estate agent, find the right house, and meet the qualifications set by an underwriter before the home can even reach the escrow stage (which itself lasts an average of one to two months). Reviewing and signing contracts and paperwork involved in the home buying process can add unnecessary days and weeks onto the wait time of an already lengthy process, while the inability to coordinate in-person meetings with real estate agents or loan officers amid hectic work schedules can hinder proceedings as well.

DocuSign is the official and exclusive provider of electronic signature technology for the National Association of Realtors, and individuals who choose to work with real estate agents who use DocuSign will find that the home buying process can be streamlined for greater simplicity and convenience. Not only can buyers sign contracts from anywhere, on any device, but real estate brokers can bring all parties together to sign documents via DocuSign Transaction Rooms. Documents within Transaction Rooms can be stored, shared, sent, and signed by multiple parties, in a specified order. This allows lenders, agents, and buyers to communicate in one place, reducing confusion and eliminating unnecessary wait times.

4. Ready yourself for the first day at a new job

No matter how exciting the prospect of a new job is, the first day can be stressful. Studies show that the success of your first day can impact your overall satisfaction with your job, demonstrating the need for companies to implement well-organized onboarding programs.

Using DocuSign to review and sign employee handbooks, new hire forms, and other important documents ahead of your first day can go a long way toward making a new job less stressful and your initial experiences more positive. Getting the paperwork out of the way in advance leaves more time for new employees to focus on the more personal aspects of a new work environment, such as meeting coworkers, getting familiar with the office, and undergoing comprehensive job training.

Keith Krach

Keith Krach is Chairman of DocuSign, The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management.