5 Excellent DocuSign Advantages that Make Customers Happy

Keith Krach
August 5, 2016

‍Over 225,000 businesses and more than 85 million people rely on DocuSign to complete transactions that once could only be facilitated with pen, paper, and a lot of time and effort. The company’s Digital Transaction Management platform helps clients make the transition to paperless business operations and attracts 85,000 new customers to its DocuSign Global Trust Network on a daily basis.

DocuSign’s popularity stems from the long list of benefits and advantages its platform offers—especially the five listed below:

1. DocuSign products make conducting transactions more convenient.

Time is the most highly sought-after commodity, and the more of it you can save for your customers, the better. DocuSign products make it easy to save time by allowing users to complete transactions quickly, from anywhere. To obtain a signature on a simple contract, agreement, or other document, users follow an easy three-step process.

First, a document is uploaded into the software through a common format, like PDF or a Microsoft Word document. Then, the user adds names and email addresses for all signers. The third step is simply to designate tags where the document needs to be signed and send it out.

Because its eSignature software can be used anywhere, on any device, DocuSign also helps save time by diminishing the need to travel or mail documents in order to obtain signatures. Agreements can be signed and business can get underway in hours. Depending on the location of parties still relying on handwritten signatures, contracts could take days or even weeks to be completed.

 image via DocuSign

2. Carrier Grade Architecture makes DocuSign reliable.

In order to help users conduct business efficiently, a product or service must be perpetually accessible. Business services that aren’t continuously available cause unnecessary downtime, slowing the velocity of business and frustrating employees and customers alike.

DocuSign uses Carrier Grade System Architecture to guarantee that its Digital Transaction Management platform is always accessible to its customers. To accomplish this, DocuSign employs three individually-located active sites to facilitate real-time data synchronization. This allows the company to perform system maintenance without affecting the customer experience.

Additionally, client data can be stored as many as nine times across these three locations, allowing enhanced protection against the kind of data corruption that could destroy stored documents and making them permanently available at all times.

3. DocuSign’s high security standards keep client information secure.

With all the benefits of technology also come concerns about data security. Statistics from a survey conducted by market research firm Ipsos recently showed that the majority of consumers do not trust that the rules followed by companies or governments with regard to personal data were enough to provide acceptable protection.

To offer customers a product that they can depend on to keep personal information safe, DocuSign uses world-class security measures, meeting standards unmatched by its competitors. Abiding by the xDTM Standard, version 1.0, DocuSign is the only provider of Digital Transaction Management solutions to earn both ISO 27001 and SSAE 16 certification. Stringent physical security operations, full document encryption, and a wide range of authentication options help DocuSign deliver peace of mind to customers who are concerned about the privacy of their data and personal information.

4. All DocuSign products are simple to use and integrate.

It’s never been easier to organize, send, and complete transactions with DocuSign’s eSignature platform. A user-friendly interface and easily added tags make it simple for users to add instructions for signers and indicate where signers need to initial, include information, or give a signature in any given order.

For customers who want to incorporate eSignature technology into online business pages or mobile apps, DocuSign provides pre-built integration platforms for online tools from Apple, Google, Microsoft, and more. Customers who cannot use the pre-built integration platforms will find that the DocuSign API is incredibly simple to use, and comprehensive support for the integration process is available on the firm’s website.

5. DocuSign offers ample support through multiple channels.

As simple as DocuSign is to use and integrate, new technology can still be intimidating. To mitigate any confusion that comes during the process of learning to wield a new digital tool, DocuSign provides its customers with multiple support options to meet their needs.

To help new DocuSign users develop a thorough grasp of the products, their uses, and how to customize them, business professionals can earn several types of product certifications through online courses at DocuSign University. Users can also access end user training and develop custom videos to teach their organizations to use the product. In addition, the online DocuSign Community allows customers to access forums where answers can be found to more specific questions.

To help executives and managers transition their staff from paper-based processes, companies can also rely on the DocuSign Adoption Kit, which includes resources to help managers teach employees how to use the platform. The resources available in these kits include informative posters to hang in the office, customizable email templates, single-page reference guides, and a training guide geared toward business leaders.

Keith Krach

Keith Krach is Chairman of DocuSign, The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management.