5 Reasons Why DocuSign eSignatures Are Right for Your Business

Keith Krach
July 29, 2016

Experts estimate that the use of signatures as a means to authenticate documents dates back several hundred centuries. Today, societies all over the world rely on signatures to conduct business and solidify agreements, and the methods that are used to make these transactions official have changed little until recently.

The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act and the ESIGN Act in 2000 made the use of electronic signatures lawfully valid in the United States. As a result of the digital revolution, the future of business lies with the electronic signature. DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management platform offers customers the best eSignature product in the business for the following five reasons.

1. DocuSign is heavily invested in the privacy of its users

Not all eSignature technology is created equal. Reports generated through third-party auditing demonstrate that DocuSign’s compliance with the world’s most rigorous global security standards is unparalleled, and it remains the only Digital Transaction Management company to achieve ISO 27001 and SSAE 16 certification.

However, DocuSign’s compliance achievements don’t stop there. Company operations and products all adhere to the xDTM Standard, version 1.0, and have earned certification from the privacy management solutions firm TRUSTe. In addition, the platform is verified Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready by Skyhigh Networks.

Beyond digital security protocol, DocuSign is committed to protecting client data from an external perspective through the use of a three-pronged approach. The company protects sensitive information with intensive and ongoing training from a qualified internal security team, persistent monitoring of global security trends, and the use of a regimented on-site security team for its data centers.

2. DocuSign offers comprehensive resources for training and product education

When applying eSignature technology to your business, it’s not only important to use a quality product, but also to learn how to use the technology to the benefit of your company. DocuSign understands the importance of ROI on a Digital Transaction Management platform and strives to provide customers with tools that are easy to understand and that integrate eSignatures for a better workflow.

Designed for effortless use, DocuSign provides a user-friendly interface and the ability to add tags or to sign a document with the click of a button. Clients have access to various resources, such as DocuSign University, which make navigating the program even simpler. The online learning portal offers users the option of developing their skills. Users have the opportunity to participate in certification and training sessions based on their role or industry. Live chat, video tutorials, and an online community question board provide answers to any questions that users may have.

3. DocuSign prevents operational disruption through easily integrated platforms

In order to provide the highest-quality Digital Transaction Management services available, DocuSign has made the platform easy to integrate with technology from some of the world’s most successful companies. DocuSign offers its clients pre-built integration solutions for commonly used applications from a wide range of companies, including Microsoft, Google, Apple, Salesforce, and NetSuite.

Even without pre-built integrative solutions, DocuSign’s API is a powerful tool that can easily be used to integrate your company’s own business app or website without the need for excessive downtime.

4. DocuSign can be used on any device, anywhere, and at any time

DocuSign’s high security standards make its eSignature technology legally viable in most developed countries around the world, including the United States and much of the European Union. Through its Carrier Grade System Architecture, DocuSign is able to provide continuous service without downtime in every time zone in the world. Moreover, due to its availability on any computer or mobile device, DocuSign can easily go with clients wherever their business takes them.

The work of international business professionals is further augmented by DocuSign technology through an extensive selection of options for sending and signing documents in multiple languages. DocuSign offers users the ability to send documents in 13 languages and to sign them in 43 languages. Thus, DocuSign allows users to quickly and conveniently conduct business from different continents.

5. DocuSign has earned the business of over 85 million global users

When it comes to how customers feel about DocuSign technology, the proof is in the numbers. To date, more than 85 million individual users and over 225,000 businesses have enlisted DocuSign’s services to complete transactions in 188 countries. DocuSign has been featured in a variety of media outlets, which include the Wall Street Journal, and over 85,000 new users become a part of DocuSign’s Global Trust Network every day.

DocuSign has been designated as the official eSignature provider to the National Association of REALTORS, and it is used at 10 of the finance industry’s top 15 companies. Its advanced 256-bit encryption applications and security standards meet the same regulatory requirements set by the US government. In addition, several government agencies already use DocuSign technology to increase the efficiency of their internal processes.

Keith Krach

Keith Krach is Chairman of DocuSign, The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management.