5 Ways That DocuSign Can Help Your Sales Team to Become More Effective

Keith Krach
July 11, 2016

No matter how well designed or innovative your company’s products are, your profits can plummet and growth can stop without the support of a high-functioning sales team. The employees who work on your sales floor are the first point of contact and the best link between customers and your brand. Adept at communication, they understand how to accurately convey the benefits of your products in a way that resonates with consumers.

In order to create an effective team, executives need to ensure that they are investing in tools that the sales department can use to overcome challenges that limit success. Using DocuSign technology is an excellent way to increase the effectiveness of your sales operations.

1. Streamline your business processes into a paperless format

Companies rely on their sales teams to boost revenue and generate income, and team members frequently find themselves under pressure to perform. Often, this means that each team member ends up with a large number of accounts to manage, but not enough time to give each one the attention that it needs. 

DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management platform allows companies to enhance their operations in sales and other areas by streamlining business processes into a paperless format. Studies show that the average employee can spend more than four hours each week searching his desk and filing cabinets for papers, which not only takes away from working hours, but also negatively impacts concentration levels and inhibits creative thinking.

Sales teams that employ DocuSign technology can dedicate more time each week to interacting directly with potential customers, following leads, and closing deals. By reducing their reliance on paper operations, sales team members have more time to invest in the customer experience.

2. Track the progress of documents sent to customers

The success of a sales team is contingent on the quality of its customer relationship management practices. The current market is characterized by a need for strong relationships between customers and brands, and sales teams that use modern tools to enhance the quality of customer relationship management practices come out on top.

DocuSign allows sales team members to track the progress of documents sent out to customers. With the capacity to monitor the completion of contract agreements, sales associates can reach out to customers who may be having second thoughts about making a purchase when they do not sign a contract or other binding legal document. The ability to consistently know when to offer support can go a long way toward making your sales team appear vigilant, dependable, and persuasive to your client base.

3. Enhance the speed of your sale’s team’s technology

You know that meeting sales quotas is about more than team members attempting to cram in as many calls as possible into a standard day. Developing a closing process that positively affects your bottom line can take time, and the most effective sales team members dedicate hours to researching, planning, and listening to what customers are saying.

Taking this professional, deliberate approach to sales is necessary, but it can definitely slow down your closing process. Luckily, DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management platform can help to enhance the speed of your sales team’s technology to make up the momentum on the back end. DocuSign allows you to create reusable templates for your most frequently utilized contracts, automate sales order processing to reduce the need for data entry, and easily edit the terms of a deal or lines within pre-existing form templates.

4. Give your company a competitive, technological edge

The projected lifespan of a company in the current market has dropped steadily since the mid-20th century, when Fortune 500 companies were able to prosper, on average, for about 75 years. Today, that number is less than 15 years, and it continues to decline due to digitization. Companies that do not integrate modern technology into their business practices run the risk of losing the trust of clients, who may perceive that they can obtain a higher-quality product or service from a company with more modern capabilities.

DocuSign’s eSignature technology can be used by customers on any device at any time, giving your company a competitive, technological edge. The product’s simple interface and the fluid document management experience can help your business to appear more innovative than your competitor, helping you to earn clients’ trust.

5. Platform requires little downtime to take effect

Pioneering business technologies can definitely boost your company’s ROI. But before you see the benefits, the new technology needs to be integrated into your existing systems. Sales team leaders who want to stay competitive must be willing to invest in a new system. However, many just can’t seem to find a good time to plan for the necessary downtime that so many modern technologies often require for the integration process. 

DocuSign is easily integrated into many of the most popular CRM systems, including Salesforce, NetSuite, and Microsoft Dynamics. The Digital Transaction Management platform, which can be personalized to meet the individual needs of sales team members, requires little downtime to fully take effect.

Keith Krach

Keith Krach is Chairman of DocuSign, The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management.