DocuSign and Go Get Covered in these 3 Important Ways

Keith Krach
September 15, 2016

‍The digital future is surging forward on the backs of the world’s boldest digital disruptors, and these days fewer and fewer companies choose to innovate without DocuSign. DocuSign is everywhere, and can be easily integrated into any service, website, or application to take outdated, paper-based processes and turn them into the industry standard for fast, efficient workflow.

Every industry has the opportunity to reach out and utilize the DocuSign advantage, from government agencies of all sizes and scopes to healthcare providers and construction companies. No matter the sector that these companies work in, DocuSign has something to offer them, because they have something to offer consumers. The customer experience is at the heart of transformation, and DocuSign is all about making an impact, large or small.

One important way that DocuSign makes an impact on the lives of consumers is by providing insurance companies with a simple way to help customers secure the protection they need for some of the more important aspects of life. Check out the ways that insurance agencies and carriers are using the Digital Transaction Management platform so that you can DocuSign and go get covered.

1. Use DocuSign to insure your car.

Buying a car starts with a little bit of industry research and a little bit of shopping around. But once customers have found the right car to suit their needs, it’s time to complete the paperwork so that they are covered in the event of an accident.

Seeking out an insurance company that uses DocuSign to finalize transactions is a major benefit for anyone eager to get behind the wheel of their new vehicle. With DocuSign’s eSignature platform, your insurance company can review and send necessary documents straight to you on any device, anywhere, at any time. The process of securing your auto insurance doesn’t have to require time-consuming, in-person visits to a broker’s office, and DocuSign’s platform allows you to sign and finalize documents at your convenience.

As an additional bonus, certain forward-thinking carmakers are enlisting the help of DocuSign in order to help put buyers into new cars without ever setting foot inside a dealership. Instead of dealing with the back-and-forth that inevitably comes with negotiating in-person car sales, industry-leading companies like Tesla are using DocuSign to allow their customers to order and finalize ownership documentation for brand new cars ahead of time, online. Insuring and driving your new car has never been such an easy process.

2. Use DocuSign to insure your home.

Owning personal property is a universal source of pride. Your home is the place where family gathers, where memories are made, and where your valuables and possessions can be kept secure. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances can cause you and yours serious problems in the event that your house is impacted. Those who securely defend their homes with homeowners insurance can sleep easy knowing that they are protected in the event disaster strikes.

Working with an insurance carrier who works with DocuSign means that applying for a new policy is efficient, getting you the coverage that you need, faster. Insurance agencies that use DocuSign are able to automate paper-based processes to increase efficiency, meaning that you spend less time waiting for policy approval and get coverage sooner. Additionally, cancelling a policy or adjusting your coverage can be done from the comfort of the home you’re looking to cover, with no unnecessary in-person meetings.

In addition, DocuSign allows for enhanced communication between you and your insurance agents. The ability to review and make comments on documents helps you to get the exact coverage that you need, before you need it, and any policy that does not meet your expectations can be rejected and redrawn up with the correct data included in very little time.

3. Use DocuSign to insure yourself.

There’s an old adage that says, “If you don’t have your health, you have nothing.” Personal health problems can be an overwhelming prospect to face, but the process of dealing with health problems that may arise is easier when you have health insurance to support yourself and your family.

Choosing a health insurance provider that uses DocuSign to complete paperwork can be a major benefit for those looking coverage that will be there in the event of a medical emergency. The last thing that an insured patient needs to be dealing with during a health crisis is discrepancies with insurance documents that make it difficult to receive treatment. DocuSign’s digital transactions help prevent the likelihood that human error causes a problem for patients by importing data directly from DocuSigned forms into operating systems, eliminating the risks posed by data entry.

Additionally, all DocuSign documents adhere to the highest security standards and are HIPAA-compliant, which helps keep the personal health data of insured patients safe. Individuals who signed a health insurance policy with DocuSign can also feel confident in knowing that all DocuSigned documents are tamper-proof and accessible 24/7, so that stored digital documents are safe within the integrity of the company’s data centers and always on hand for when they are needed.

Keith Krach

Keith Krach is Chairman of DocuSign, The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management.