DocuSign Can Help Your Company in These Useful Ways

Keith Krach
July 24, 2016

Whether you’re the CEO of an enterprise business, the founder of a startup, or simply a person who enjoys using tools to simplify your life, DocuSign has an annual product plan for you. Ranging in scale and price, the company’s services can help people in a wide variety of industries and organizations achieve greater efficiency in business dealings and personal affairs. 

DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management platform can assist individuals and businesses of all types in the following important ways: 

Helping Startups Remain Nimble 

The founder of a successful startup understands that the speed at which he or she gets tasks accomplished plays a major role in reaching goals and moving past business milestones, which keeps the company on track. Additionally, the ability to accomplish tasks and meet expectations in a timely manner can help a startup gain interest from investors, who often feel heartened by the speedy progress of a founder. 

Equally important, flexibility is a necessity for the leader of any successful startup, because events rarely unfold exactly as anticipated. Startup leaders often must alter certain aspects of a product, business model, or operational agreement on the spot, and need to be prepared to quickly and efficiently make the necessary changes to keep the company moving forward.

Using DocuSign, startups can enhance their adaptability to changing circumstances in the early phases and get more done, faster. Signing documents like sales contracts, partner agreements, and other important operational forms with DocuSign enables founders to give a signature from anywhere in the world on any device. This is an invaluable benefit to entrepreneurs, who may find themselves traveling frequently to keep the startup process moving forward via meetings with VC firms or other influential professionals.

Keeping SMBs in the Black

At an SMB, a company leader must learn to make the most of the resources that he or she has available, driving growth under more rigid guidelines. DocuSign provides a unique tool that allows SMBs to cut budget costs through a decreased reliance on paper processes. Using DocuSign’s Digital Management Platform, SMBs can diminish the expense of arranging, printing, mailing, and filing important documents. This includes not only the cost of office supplies, but also the cost of employee labor.

Studies indicate that the average office employee uses nearly 10,000 sheets of paper each year and can spend between 30 to 40 percent of his or her time searching for documents. By implementing DocuSign software into their operations, SMB business leaders can cut office-supply expenses like ink, printer maintenance, and paper while freeing up the time of talented employees. Staff members can then dedicate working hours to more important aspects of operations, thereby increasing a company’s efficiency and cutting labor costs.

Enabling Enterprises to Expand

As a natural progression of business, the larger a company grows, the more complex its operational processes become. The growing numbers of employees and greater complexity of business functions increase the need for effective communication and organized business practices. Without the right tools in place, leaders cannot streamline workflow or maintain the company’s rate of growth.

DocuSign can help an enterprise business maintain its business velocity through more than 300 pre-built integrations into some of the world’s most popular platforms. Easy integration of DocuSign software allows an enterprise company to incorporate digital signature technology into company processes without a hassle, and helps employees at all levels effectively coordinate processes to keep business moving at a healthy speed.

In addition, enterprise businesses are attempting to establish themselves as industry leaders. Using DocuSign services is a useful way to demonstrate a company’s comprehension of and commitment to digitization as the future of business. The adoption of technologically advanced business tools can help an enterprise company present a more professional front to both prospective partners and consumers, improving the perception of its brand.

Making Life Easier at Home

DocuSign’s plan for personal use is an affordable option for the individual who is interested in using eSignature technologies to make day-to-day transactions easier to complete. This plan offers users the most essential aspects of DocuSign products, including the ability to send and monitor the completion of documents. Users are create three basic fields within the text, including name, date, and signature. Additionally, people can generate templates and send documents on any device, including mobile. 

From a personal aspect, one can use DocuSign to accelerate transactions and processes that have a direct effect on his or her life. This includes using the platform to sign off on important papers like tax returns, lease agreements, or banking paperwork. The ability to sign forms, agreements, and other legally-binding documents from the comfort of one’s own home can free up time for more important things.

Keith Krach

Keith Krach is Chairman of DocuSign, The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management.