How DocuSign Can Transform Your Company—One Department at a Time

Keith Krach
August 12, 2016

DocuSign is in the business of digital transformation, providing eSignature technology that makes business operations more efficient in companies of all sizes and across all industries. Committed to the highest standards of security and used by more than 85 million people, DocuSign is committed to business acceleration through efficiency.

No matter the scale or age of your company, DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management platform can increase the speed and effectiveness of your business operations in every department, including those listed below.


Because your business needs cash flow to operate, your finance department is at the core of your operations. While you might be able to hang on for a short time with a limited capacity for marketing, human resources, or long-term strategy, your finance department must work every day for your company to function. It makes sense, then, that adding DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management platform as a tool for your finance staff can radically alter your overall productivity.

With DocuSign, finance professionals are able to streamline workflows for more accurate reporting and improved compliance. Digital Transaction Management allows employees to process invoices with greater efficiency, as importing data electronically reduces the likelihood of costly keying errors and allows the billing process to move faster. Additionally, DocuSign’s audit trail function makes SOX compliance simple and creates tidy records that prove useful during audits.

Furthermore, implementing digital signature technology into your company’s finance department makes it simpler to complete internal procedures like expense report approvals.


A company’s procurement department has much to gain from the implementation of DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management platform. Tasks associated with procurement include interacting with vendors and customers along the supply chain, facilitating the completion of contracts and agreements, and developing lean workflow models for purchasing, all of which are enhanced through paperless operations.

Procurement departments that employ DocuSign technology benefit from increased organizational agility, including reduced wait times for obtaining signatures on important contracts and agreements. Whereas handwritten signatures can take hours or days to finalize depending on the geographic distance between people, DocuSign allows professionals to sign documents with the click of a button. Procurement staff are also able to monitor the completion status of any contract or agreement sent for signing, issue reminders, and even help companies maintain compliance with purchasing policies through the use of shared templates with fixed approval workflows and established routing.

Human Resources

The human resources department in any organization is integral to the creation of a high-performing, collaborative work environment. Additionally, the HR department is the first point of contact for prospective and newly hired employees, and the way that operations are handled within this department can have an impact on employee retention and satisfaction. Statistics show that over half of employees who experienced a structured onboarding program were likely to remain with their company for at least three years.

DocuSign can help your HR department speed up the time-consuming process of filling out new hire paperwork, allowing HR professionals to put more focus on educating new employees about the company. Additionally, this leaves more time for thorough training, and creates more hours overall for an enriching onboarding experience. DocuSign’s eSignature technology also makes PTO forms and employee handbooks easier to sign and organize, freeing up time for HR professionals to focus on more important aspects of the department’s operations.


One of the most commonly cited factors that influence a sales team’s effectiveness is time management. Business velocity is key in sales, and reps often find themselves under pressure to achieve increasingly higher numbers in shorter and shorter spans of time.

DocuSign for your sales team is the ultimate tool for improving time management, as it simplifies the tasks central to the job. Sales agreements and contracts can be automated for quick access, reducing much of the need for data entry. Preexisting forms can be altered to reflect correct contract terms and dates easily, and signatures from clients can be obtained on any computer or mobile device, no matter where in the world your customers are located.

In addition, your company has the ability to easily integrate DocuSign technology into leading customer relationship management (CRM) systems, including Salesforce, NetSuite, and Microsoft Dynamics, eliminating the downtime associated with the implementation of other technologies.

In-House Legal

While some legal professionals may balk at the prospect of relying on eSignatures over the traditional wet signature, DocuSign technology captures data during transactions that may actually prove more useful in a court of law than any proof a handwritten document can provide.

Non-disclosure agreements, contracts, and confidential client documents can all be discreetly signed and remain protected under a system that follows Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) protocol. Multiple options for authentication methods and rigorous security standards that meet most countries’ requirements ensure that sensitive data is kept secure and accessible only to designated users.

Keith Krach

Keith Krach is Chairman of DocuSign, The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management.