Why Digital Transformation Has to Be Your Top Priority

Keith Krach
July 29, 2016

‍In June, DocuSign sponsored a conference in San Francisco called MOMENTUM ’16 in which business professionals gathered to learn about the ways in which DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management platform can help companies make the transition to digital operations. While the two-day event featured presentations on the many ways in which DocuSign can prove useful for companies looking to digitize, one of the most significant takeaways was this: if digital transformation is not a C-suite executive’s first priority, it should be. Following are five reasons why digital transformation should be at the top of every executive’s to-do list and how DocuSign can help make it happen.

1. Increases business velocity

Business leaders can sometimes lose sight of the purpose of digital transformation in the act of pursuing it. Digitally transforming your company is about more than updating the technology you use to conduct business. It’s about evaluating the way your business operates and making digital changes that will increase overall efficiency. After you implement the right tools and commit to following a digital business plan, the processes that slowed down your business before will no longer affect your velocity, which can increase the speed at which you do business.

DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management platform is among the best possible tools for streamlining your business due to the diminished reliance on paper operations. DocuSign allows users to send and sign important contracts and other documents in minutes, which cuts down on the typical amount of time that it takes to obtain electronic signatures. All documents are safely stored within the system for quick, easy access, giving employees time to spend on the tasks that really matter, instead of devoting 30 percent of their time to looking for information contained within filing cabinets or email.

2. Reduced operational costs

Reducing your company’s reliance on paper is crucial to streamlining the workflow and improving efficiency, yet it has the added benefit of creating more room in your budget by reducing office supply costs. Some studies show that office workers use as much as 10,000 pieces of paper annually, a cost which can add up significantly regardless of the size of your staff. Your company can also reduce costs through a reduction in the use of paper. A paperless office can reduce spending on items such as printers, printer ink, postage, and document storage. In addition, employees no longer need to devote time to creating, filing, and sending physical documents.

Through DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management platform, companies can easily build end-to-end online processes right into their business website, mobile app, portal, or internal processes to create a paper-free document signing experience.3. Customer satisfaction rates will increase

Today’s consumer possesses different expectations and follows different trends than those in the past. The 24-hour access to companies via the Internet, along with an avenue for direct interaction with brands on social media, has created a demand for near-instant sales and service. The expectation that companies should quickly deliver products, services, and support means that businesses need to get serious about their commitment to the technologies that increase the speed of business in order to meet customer expectations.

Not only can DocuSign products keep your company running more efficiently through the use of paperless technologies, but it can also help your firm to provide customers with the kind of quick, quality service they desire. Through the ability to complete transactions anywhere and on any device, your clients can sign agreements and contracts, as well as complete paperwork quickly from the comfort of their own home, thus improving customer satisfaction rates. By making the signing process as simple as possible, you can inspire greater confidence in your customers, who will feel comfortable knowing that your company values speed.

4. Improves your reputation

Without a positive reputation, a company cannot survive the changes brought about by the digital revolution. Social media, review sites, and consumers’ ability to access a much larger network of options when shopping for products can make competition fierce, and businesses that have a reputation for providing a quality product or service have the best chance of achieving success in the modern market.

Through the use of DocuSign’s products, companies can take an effective step toward digital transformation and boost their credibility. Streamlining your workflow with DocuSign is bound to help your business. By simplifying the process of obtaining digital signatures, you can show customers that you’re invested in making processes easier for them, which may lead to increased brand loyalty.

5. Growing support for digital operations

The need for businesses to adapt in the wake of digital disruption cannot be understated, and many CEOs from the most successful firms are getting onboard. Over 70 percent of C-suite employees surveyed by McKinsey anticipate that digital trends will help their firms to achieve greater revenue and increase profitability. Making DocuSign products a part of your business plan is a simple way to adapt to the evolving demands brought about by the rising tide of digital technology.

Keith Krach

Keith Krach is Chairman of DocuSign, The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management.