Dec 11, 2012
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DocuSign technology Saves Time, Money, and Lives

The 21st Century is all about technology. Our society has become one that can access a world of information at the mere touch of a few buttons, and this ability to connect with each other so quickly and easily has started to feel like a given. But sometimes, things happen that remind us just how lucky we are to have such innovative technology so close at hand.


When people think about eSignature services, many probably only think about the fact that it can make business transactions faster and easier for both parties. That’s true, but sometimes eSignatures can be used for far more serious things.


For example, some police departments and governments are now beginning to use DocuSign to gain warrants. Especially in smaller communities that are somewhat isolated, warrants can take hours to obtain; but some situations get more and more dangerous for police the longer they have to wait.


In comparison, using 21st century technology like laptops, wireless Internet, and DocuSign, obtaining a warrant takes mere minutes. In situations where police need to secure a building with a dangerous criminal holed up inside or take control of a newly discovered meth lab, those minutes are valuable. Police generally freeze these sites until backup arrives and a warrant can be obtained—but the longer that takes, the longer officers have to put themselves in unnecessary danger.


In years past, when DocuSign was but a dream, officers might have had to wait several hours for a warrant that allowed them to legally enter the building in question. Now, fast response and obtainment of warrants allows operations to go much more smoothly. Potentially violent situation can be calmed before they get out of control, and such a fast response can sometimes save lives.


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