How to Crush it Like Docusign

June 3, 2015

5 Takeaways from DocuSign Momentum 2015 to help you win in business

I was fortunate to be invited to attend Docusign Momentum 2015, a gathering of SaaS professionals, business leaders and visionaries who came together with the common passion for digital transformation.

Docusign Momentum is a truly impressive event with top notch keynotes, breakouts, demos and a ton of high value conversations had throughout the event.

Founded in 2003 by Tom Gonser a.k.a The Father of e-signature, Docusign have evolved from their initial e-signature product offering to which they have made the company a verb (To Docusign it), to a fully fledged Digital Transaction Management platform. A Smart strategic move that makes customers stickier, and are now creating an entire new industry in Digital Transaction Management (DTM), that Aragon research predicts will be a $30 Billion Industry by 2020.

Docusign are crushing it. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing their financials yet, as they remain on the edges of an IPO, but Docusign has More than 50 Million users, has raised over $508.1 million with $278 million raised this year alone, with a big fat series F round in May. What had not been announced when the Series F news hit the wire, was that Microsoft also invested in the round and was mentioned as an almost aside by Keith Krach towards the end of his Key Note. Maybe Satya, after having his advances spurned by Marc Benioff, has moved on quickly and will soon be seen stepping out with Keith and Tom?

I learnt a ton from all the great conversations, keynotes and fireside chats at Docusign Momentum.

Heres my 5 key takeaways to help you crush it like Docusign:

1. Transformation

Change. Prosper. Grow. Evolve or die. These were the words used by Docusign CEO Keith Krach in his opening keynote. Docusign are changing the way things are done in business. ‘Getting business done faster’ as Mary Meeker, member of the board, has been quoted as saying. They continue to look to solve big problems and work towards the goal of a world with a paperless office. Docusign could have stayed as a market leading e-signature product. But they didn’t. They believe in transformation and have evolved from creating a product to creating an industry in DTM, changing lives and becoming a Unicorn on the way. How does this help you? If you never get complacent, if you adopt the mantra of transformation and look to constantly evolve, you will surely improve your chances to succeed.

2. Momentum

The appropriate name for this conference, and Docusign have a ton of momentum behind them right now. They are riding a wave. Heck, they are the Volcanic eruption thats causing the Tsunami of momentum. Relentlessly hiring. Relentlessly growing. Relentlessly fundraising. What should you do? It takes time for momentum to build up, but when it comes, take a leaf out of Docusigns book and be Relentless. Be relentless and you will improve your chances to succeed.

3. Trust

During a fireside chat, old buddies Keith Krach and Miguel Milano, President Salesforce EMEA mentioned one word that they both held as their highest value. TRUST. Trust must be integral to everything Docusign does and Salesforce for that matter, considering the customer data that both companies handle. Tom Gonser talked about their Global Network, but Trust being a local thing. Hold Trust in as high a regard as Docusign and Salesforce and you will improve your chances to succeed.

4. Time to Value

I lost count of the amount of times that examples of ROI were shown on the slideware. Each one of the use cases showed truly remarkable ROI. Seemingly must be easy for Docusign Sales team to go into a meeting equipped with such impressive data on Time To Value. Maybe thats why they’re crushing it? How does this help you? Create (great) use cases of Time To value, or ask Marketing to help you. Show Time to value and you will improve your chances to Succeed

5. Simplification

One of the key benefits of SaaS is that it should be easy to use. In my experience, this rings true and certainly the user experience for Docusign holds true to the this. Dave Smoley, CIO at Astra Zeneca brought the message of simplification in context of their IT/cloud strategy. So whether its your product user experience, your startup strategy, career plan or personal goals, keep things Simple and you will improve your chances to succeed.

Transformation + Momentum + Trust + Time to Value + Simplification = Success