Podcast Interview with Faster Than Normal & DocuSign CEO Keith Krach

Faster Than Normal
March 30, 2016

We have a very special guest on this edition of FTN, Keith Krach, Chairman & CEO of DocuSign. This interview didn’t start out as one for FTN – It was originally designed as an exclusive for my private entrepreneurial community, ShankMinds. But within five seconds of talking to Keith, it became clear that his energy, focus, and excitement in being an entrepreneur was clearly fueled by the same thing that fuels mine: ADHD.

The fascinating thing about Keith, that you’ll definitely hear come across in this interview, is not only how much he truly loves not only being an entrepreneur, but working for the greater good – building something to truly help millions of people and continue to grow this new “location-agnostic” economy in which we’re living. He tells a fascinating story of how he went from working for GM on a fast-track to the top, to leaving and starting up his own thing – to tremendous success!

Finally, be sure to pay attention to the last part of the podcast – We ask Keith specific questions, both about being an entrepreneur, as well as how he balances a rather large family with his ridiculously busy corporate schedule. Whether ADD/HD, an entrepreneur, or simply wondering how to better manage your time, you don’t want to miss this one.

As always, we pull one line to make the title of the interview: Today is a line that comes from Keith: “Do something that’s anatomically impossible.” You’ll hear what he means when you listen. It’s awesome.

In this episode, Peter and Keith discuss:


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