Presentations, infographics, papers and documents on a variety of topics including Tech Diplomacy, the China Challenge, Clean Network, and more.

The idea of competing with China as an alliance of value-driven democracies has gained tremendous momentum over the past four years through the architecting efforts of Keith Krach.

Does Silicon Valley Strategy Apply to Economic Statecraft? Answer: YES!!

The GESS recognizes that the world wants and needs America to lead, but that we cannot confront the challenges of our time alone.

Rise of China Payment Networks and Digital Currencies.

History of $ 100B Endless Frontiers Act.

China and others are stealing American intellectual property and aggressively investing in research and commercialization.

This alliance of democracies now includes 26 of the 27 EU member states along with technology savvy nations.

The Clean Network is comprised of like-minded countries, companies, and civil society that operates by a set of democratic values and trust principles.

The Clean Network creates a unifying and equitable global framework for trusted geo-economic partnerships.

Keith Krach elaborates on the 9 essential ingredients that create the foundation for any extraordinary organization captured by Heather Morgan & Forbes.

Here is the foundation for which DocuSign used to grow its business overseas.

Ariba’s Built-to-Last Journey.

The DocuSign Partnership principals.

We’ve been investing in the ways we can blanket the market and become ubiquitous.

Stanford University lecture – November 2016. Achieving escape velocity and category creation.

CEO and Chairman Keith Krach leadership transformational of B2B eCommerce results in top IPO.

Ariba built-to-last playbook.

The Sigma Chi Strategic Plan-The Next 150 Years.

Here are the slides from my presentation at the Nikkei Global Digital Summit.

Keith Krach speaks at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics.