The Coverup of the Century|Doc. on how CCP covered up the COVID outbreak | Zooming In China (Part 2)

June 12, 2021  Source:  Zooming In China | By: Simone Gao

The Chinese government ordered Chinese labs to destroy the Covid samples and banned research on the #CovidOrigin.

A Britain investigation indicated there might be lab lock down on in October 2019.

The Wuhan Virology Institute #WIV has been doing #GainOfFunction experiments on bats, trying to come with a more lethal coronavirus.

Zooming In China’s one-hour documentary movie follows investigative reporter Simone Gao’s inquiry into critical questions about the pandemic: What did the Chinese Communist leadership do at the early stages of the outbreak? What significant truth have they concealed from the world, and why did they do that? The documentary also casts light on who has let the the CCP run rampant, and what can be learned from the western world’s history of dealing with Communist China.

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