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Thankful for Metta

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Keith Krach speaks about how Metta is the shot-caller in their relationship, and how he is thankful for her kind and loving spirit.

“How would you be different if Metta wasn’t with you?’ I’d be dead. Honest to God, I think I really would. I think I really would. I really would. I really would. I never thought about that. Thank you, Metta, for saving my life again. I’ll tell you what. Here’s what they call me in the neighborhood, Stan – they call me ‘Mr. Metta.’ You know, I go back to Purdue, I see these guys in case, you know, maybe Metta won’t be there, they”™ll go, “Hey, where”™s Metta?”_x009d_ You know, in Washington, “Hey, is Metta here?”_x009d_ You know, everywhere I go, “Where”™s Metta? The Amazing Metta.”_x009d_ And, I wear that badge with honor because she’s pure love and kindness and she’s the greatest mother of five.”

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