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05/04/2021 Author: Simone Gao

The American Dream Takes on China Inc.Part 1: 5g Trifecta | Zooming In with Simone Gao | Documentary

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New documentary shows how Keith Krach uses trust as a key to defeating the Chinese Communist Party.
This story is fundamentally about three things: the American Dream taking on China Inc., a Silicon Valley veteran beating Huawei, and how trust is the key to defeating the Chinese Communist Party. Under the leadership of Keith Krach, then Under Secretary of State, China’s tech giant Huawei’s ambition to take over the global 5G communications was shattered in a spectacular way by a patriotic team of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. In the process, they proved that China Inc. is beatable and exposed its biggest weakness—lack of trust.
Krach’s team’s strategy harnessed the three biggest areas of the U.S. competitive advantage—rallying its allies and friends, leveraging the resources of the private sector, and amplifying the moral high ground of democratic principles. By building an alliance of likeminded countries and companies based on democratic values, the initiative garnered overwhelming international support and bipartisan backing.
This movie is the first part of the 3-part series. The American Dream Takes on China Inc. Part One: 5G Trifecta is the story about the inherent risks of Huawei dominating 5G technology. It reveals how Keith Krach’s strategy based on trust was used to successfully reverse Huawei’s momentum, and shows the emergence of the United States in 5G manufacturing.
Trust became the cornerstone of the U.S. national strategy to counter China’s 5G master plan. It laid the foundation for building the Clean Network Alliance of Democracies that ultimately turned the tide on Huawei. The Clean Network now serves as a nonpartisan model for all areas of competition with China Inc.
Krach’s journey from his father’s machine shop where he learned his midwestern values, the importance of fairness in competition, and resiliency during tough economic times, to his role as a VP at GM where he honed his ability to build high-performance teams, and finally as a Silicon Valley legend where he built an ecosystem of trusted partners to construct massive networks, each informed his mission as the U.S. Under Secretary of State. As America’s top economic diplomat, he took on the challenge “to develop and operationalize a global economic security strategy to drive economic growth, combat economic aggression, and maximize national security.”
Krach set his eyes on 5G technology. He examined Huawei’s role as the industry leader, its route to success, the risks of allowing it to continue unchallenged, and the vulnerabilities that could be exploited to decrease its influence. Krach’s opening salvo in executing his 5G strategy was labeled the “5G Trifecta” by the press. This three-pronged effort served as a beachhead to a larger battle against China Inc.’s economic aggression, which this documentary series will explore in future episodes.

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