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Keith Krach 03.12.2020

The Support of Family and Friends

Keith Krach thanks his wife, Metta, his family and longtime friends for their unwavering support throughout his life and career.

Keith: " It is an honor to serve as the first gentleman to my amazing wife Metta. It’s so fun to walk around and say to all of the Georgetown lawyers in Washington, “Are you on a board? Well, my wife is.” Anyway, that’s fun. And especially our five children. Monica, Steve, Carter, and the twins, J.D. and Emma who I dare to be myself with. That really didn’t take a lot of practice. And the same with my two sisters. And of course, the famous Mama Krach, who perhaps has the biggest personality outside or inside of government. Now, she gave a speech last night about that purple tricycle that I was riding when I was four years old. So, Mom, please do not share that today. I didn’t know it was from the junkyard, Mom. Also, my dearest friends from around the world. So many from school. Some of them who have been putting up with me for over 50 years. You truly are my prayers answered. And finally, three decades of my most trusted business partners, who are masters at innovating at scale and have a zest for challenging the status quo. And as Deputy Secretary pointed out… we created a lot of paper. My dad paid a lot of taxes on behalf of the United States government. We thank you for your service. *laughter*"

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