Mar 20, 2015
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Keith Krach Discusses the Value Proposition and Potential of DocuSign (Transcript)

Transcript of “Keith Krach Discusses the Value Proposition and Potential of DocuSign”

Interviewer: I read a statistic that 3.5 million pages are DocuSigned everyday. What is your business model? How do you make money here?


Keith Krach: Yeah, I mean, the business is exploding. We have 120,000 companies who are customers; we have 40 million unique users. We have 75,000 unique users on a day, they transact in 188 countries. Our model is simple it’s basically a SAAS model. But for designers it’s free and that just spreads that whole DocuSign global network virally.


Interviewer: So your customers pay money, so I just sign my lease using DocuSign, it will be my leasing company that would pay DocuSign to use its software services?


Krach: Exactly, it’s that easy.


Interviewer: So what is it like competing with paper and pencil? How do you get users to switch to this method? Especially since paper and pencil is quite free?


Krach: Yeah, I mean it’s amazing because it’s been done the same way for 3,000 years. I think the beautiful thing is once you use DocuSign, you just, I’ve never seen a product where you just love it, you know? People say all the time “you know I was buying my vacation home in Florida. I was in New York and my wife was in Paris. You saved my life! And people actually get upset if they can’t use DocuSign. So I think it is just that virality and word of mouth. Now, we have also very much verticalized our business. So in the real estate business it’s a verb. For financial services, 14 of the 15 wealth management companies use DocuSign; 12 of the top 15 insurance carriers. So if you are buying a car, insurance, your financial advisor, your home—people are getting exposed to DocuSign.


Interviewer: Financials must be working in your favor because you recently, just this month, raised $115 million in an E-round from your investors.


Krach: Yes, yes.


Interviewer: What’s the end game for you? Are you thinking IPO? Private sale? What kind of strategy is on your mind?


Krach: Well, the end game is to change the way business is done in the world and we really believe that to be a noble cause. The end game is to build a great, sustaining company that’s going to last centuries. For us, an IPO or something like that is just a financing event.


Interviewer: But an IPO would be the best method, in your mind, based on where the company is today, for an exit strategy for these investors?


Krach: Well, that, and you know investors, you know, can do whatever they want. I’m just a businessman—we focus on the customers. But when you think of the type of investors we have, these great institutional investors, we have investors like Visa, SAP, Google, Sales Force, Comcast, Telser in Australia, NTT in Japan, Mitsui, Recruit, and these investors are great partners for us and really help build out that DocuSign global network.


Interviewer: How big of an issue, we’ve seen so many high-profile breaches of information these days, how big of an issue is security for these documents? These are very important documents that are under your prevue.


Krach: Yeah, it’s absolutely critical. When you think about it, documents where people transact or they sign are peoples’ most important documents. And, with everything that is going on in the security and compliance arena, that’s the thing that is driving our business because every document is encrypted—we have bank-class security—now we’re being called in my the chief compliance officer, chief legal officer, chief security officer…so it is key.


Interviewer: And one of the most private processes anyone can do in their life is political voting. How far do you see DocuSign going? Do you see it as something that could be used in the political process to elect your next governor, senator, or president?


Krach: Yes, yes I think that is a natural use case. In fact, we’ve talked with several countries about that. I think you can see that happening in the future. And you know, the return on investment on that is, you know, I believe more people will vote; I mean, that will be great for nations around the world.


Interviewer: Make it more digital, easier to find the time to actually do the voting.


Krach: Absolutely.


Feb 19, 2015
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Keith Krach: DocuSign Momentum 2015

DocuSign Momentum 2015

DocuSign Momentum 2015


The excitement is building for DocuSign Momentum 2015.

Keith Krach, the CEO of DocuSign, looks forward to meeting those attending this year’s DocuSign Momentum conference. Bringing together top business leaders from around the globe, this annual event places the attendee at the forefront of the transformation to 100% digital business. From learning best practices and gaining hands-on experience and the latest insights from industry leaders, to networking with like-minded professionals at the forefront of business innovation, DocuSign Momentum 2015 is one conference you do not want to miss.

This year’s DocuSign Momentum conference will be held in San Francisco’s historic Union Square from March 10-12. Keynote speakers and panelists at DocuSign Momentum 2015 include Keith Krach, founder and CSO of DocuSign Tom Gonser, and Michelle Banks, the EVP of GAP, among others.

New for 2015 is the addition of DocuSign DevCon, a two-day hands-on program that will empower the development community to build the best Digital Transaction Management (DTM) and eSignature apps to drive digital transformation via DocuSign’s open REST and SOAP APIs.

DocuSign Partner Summit is a half-day event designed to address the most relevant opportunities and needs that DocuSign partners and their customers face in achieving the all-digital business.

In addition to these specialized programs within this year’s event, here are 10 more reasons to attend DocuSign Momentum 2015:

1. Exposure to digital transformation thought leaders

2. Deep dives in business and technical sessions

3. Insight into DocuSign strategies & roadmaps

4. The latest product demos on eSignature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM)

5. Countless networking opportunities with industry peers and luminaries

6. Engagement with the DocuSign DTM partner ecosystem

7. Learnings that will help you drive digital adoption and accelerate time to value

8. Take-aways so you can improve security and compliance with digital transactions

9. Hands-on learning at instructor-led labs

10. Fun!!!


Jan 30, 2015
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Keith Krach on StartUP.TV (Transcript)

Transcript of Keith Krach on StartUP.TV

StartUp.TV Announcer:

If you are a budding entrepreneur,  this is definitely an interview you want to watch. Keith has a long history of leadership. Starting with being GM’s youngest-ever Vice President, at the age of 26. In this interview, he tells us what he would do if he were that age again today, and provides good strategies entrepreneurs can employ to reach greater levels of success.


Keith Krach:

If I were 25, you know, I think I’d go find a company where I know I can learn a lot. Because I think at that stage it’s about learning. I’d look for one of the fasted growing companies because opportunity is directly proportional to growth.



It isn’t often a team of software entrepreneurs are able to take their company public with a 6 billion dollar valuation, after just 3 years work. However, Keith Krach and his six other cofounders did just that with their company Ariba in the year 2000.

Now, Keith is the CEO of DocuSign the industry leader in e-signature automation, which has a billion dollar valuation and is on the IPO path.



From today’s date; what kind of company would start?


Keith Krach:

I’d look at one that has a big market, that’s un-automated, untapped. I’d look at one that was on the cutting edge; where we can totally disrupt something. I’d look for one that has a clear value proposition that everybody can understand. l’d look for one where you have big gross margins, low cost of entry. For me, based on what I know, it would be a software company, a mobile, where the winds are at your back. That’s what I look at if I had the knowledge that I have now.



Being the leader of Ariba granted Keith the National Entrepreneur of the Year award from Ernst & Young in the year 2000. What for the goals and intents that lead the growth of Ariba back then and which are the challenges that motivate Keith at DocuSign now-a-days?


Keith Krach:

The intent was solving a huge problem in terms of whole procurement area, and suppliers were totally un-automated and so we looked at it more from a revenue perspective and to grow that fast we knew if did that that we  would be successful and to build the Ariba network which now, even to this day probably, conducts a trillion dollars worth of commerce over the network.



So, fast forward DocuSign; different animal, but a lot of similarities. What are your challenges with this organization? 


Keith Krach:

You know, a lot of the same. In terms of scale and making sure you get the best people to focus is really important. So from a strategy standpoint: it is figuring out what those chess moves are. Strategy is about sequencing. So, to figure out, you know, what things build on the next things is really important.  Also, first and foremost, you know, we measure our success by our customers’ success. So at DocuSign, that’s the thing that’s really whipping the winds of the tornado it is that our customers are quantifying the benefits of both of DocuSign, and they’re talking about it.  For example, HP saves $30 per document across 40 use dates reduces turnaround time by 21 days. The net benefits are absolutely incredible. We’ve been working with some large companies where they look that over the next 5 years they can save a billion dollars using DocuSign. When you when you talk to the CEOs, they’re like ‘Doesn’t somebody else do this?’ and when you talk to the young entrepreneurs they go: ‘Ugh, I wish I had thought of this.’



Oh yes. I wish I’d thought of this. But since we cannot benefit from a billion-dollar idea yet, we can benefit from valuable advice from such a brilliant mind.


Keith Krach:

Well, figure out where you should focus first. I think it’s focus, focus, focus. You probably Silicon Valley there is a thousand startups that happen every year, within a 40-mile radius of here. Probably 900 don’t make it past the first year and it’s not usually due to starvation, it’s due to digestion: they’re trying to do a little bit of everything. So I think focus is the key.



That metaphor struck me. Indeed, there is no entrepreneurial starvation. There is an entire world of problems out there waiting for a solution. Our difficulty seems to be able to digest the day-to -ay challenges of building a company. And apparently, a good amount of focus seems to be the perfect remedy to keep you in shape. Stay tuned to StartUp.TV to learn how to digest the challenges of building your own company.


Oct 30, 2014
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DocuSign: The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management

Bank of America Merrill Lynch honored DocuSign for enterprise technology innovation as The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management™ last week at their Sixth Annual Technology Innovation Summit in Silicon Valley. We are humbled by and appreciative of this recognition of the impact of DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management platform on the financial services industry – including 13 of the top 15 U.S. wealth management firms, 13 of the top 15 U.S. insurance carriers, and 700+ credit unions nationwide who have standardized on the DocuSign Global Trust Network to transact business faster, easier, more conveniently and securely.

DocuSign Chairman and CEO Keith Krach talked with Bloomberg TV on the exciting honor and how DocuSign is empowering anyone to transact anything, anytime, anywhere, on any device. Securely.

With 3.5 million pages DocuSigned every day, by 40 million unique users, DocuSign is quickly replacing the 3000 year-old tradition of signing with pen and paper by sheer convenience and security. Tragedy can befall traditional ink and paper documents, often losing them forever; DocuSigned documents can be digitally signed with confidence and safely recalled. These features alongside so many others serve as the reasons DocuSign has become a verb in the Real Estate Industry and the preferred platform for signatories.

It is no secret that DocuSign has designs on changing the way business is conducted universally: Facilitating transactions, improving document storage and retrieval capabilities, and broadening access to documents requiring signatures globally.

During the BloombergTV interview, when Keith Krach was questioned regarding a possible IPO for DocuSign, his focus remains solely on the customer: “The endgame is to build a great, sustaining company that’s going to last centuries,” Krach said. “For us, an IPO or something like that, would just be a financing event… I’m just a business man – I focus on the customer.”

Keith Krach has also said in a piece by Carolyn Horiel: “DocuSign empowers the world to go fully digital [...] Our Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform allows users to take documents and data from anywhere and route it via a workflow process. Users complete the transaction using an electronic or digital signature which enables a legally binding audit trail and secure document retention in the cloud.”

This recent award serves as a testament to DocuSign and Keith Krach’s commitment to innovation for the sake of customer experience.

Sep 23, 2014
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Keith Krach: DocuSign your Cleveland Cavs Season

DocuSign and Cleveland Cavaliers (Joshua Gunter, The Plain Dealer)

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Wine and Gold ticket holders were invited to use DocuSign as the means to purchase their season tickets for the second year running, including playoff tickets, for the 2014-2015 season.

Flexibility, transparency, and veracity are hallmarks of DocuSign’s product, lending to the companies explosive growth and market share as the e-signature industry’s best known and most trusted name.

Wine and Gold members have the flexibility to, for whatever reason, forgo playoff tickets without loosing the opportunity to purchase the following year’s season tickets.

According to Brad Sims, a team vice president who oversees ticket sales: “{Wine and Gold} Members can opt out of their membership plan with 30 days notice at any time.”

Using DocuSign provide a transparent and clear point of purchase; thus minimizing exposure to the secondary ticketing market, composed of ticket re-sale by brokers and street vendors. Using DocuSign, tickets are purchased openly, legally and with full disclosure of their value and price.

“We’ve received a great deal of positive feedback from members about using DocuSign and how it has made their process faster and easier,” Sims said.

Unlike a vendor and paper-trail transactions, an e-signature transaction via DocuSign provides exactly the terms of sale and products/services the signatory agrees. Often with paper transactions, proof of purchase gets shuffled, terms and conditions shift files, or whole transactions are lost. DocuSign delivers veracity: Cavalier’s Wine and Gold members get the features and benefits they pay for.

DocuSign and its technologies represent the future of ticketing and event management: Flexible, clear, and direct.

Go Cavs!

Jul 17, 2014
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Keith Krach Speaks About FedEx Deal

DocuSign CEO, Keith Krach spoke with FOX Business from the Fortune Brainstorm Conference in Colorado regarding the recent deal between DocuSign and FedEx.

“The relationship between FedEx Office and DocuSign highlights our shared focus on world-class service and reliability that customers depend on in their businesses every day,” said Keith Krach, chairman and CEO, DocuSign. “FedEx Office customers will enjoy the convenience, speed, and security of DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management solutions so they can keep business fully digital.”

The collaboration with DocuSign builds on FedEx Office’s existing suite of award-winning digital printing technology and small business solutions, including FedEx Office Print & Go, FedEx Office Print Online and more.

“DocuSign is a complement to our existing suite of printing and shipping services,” said Randy Scarborough, vice president of Retail Marketing for FedEx. “DocuSign customers will be able to send documents to any of our more than 1,800 FedEx Office locations and have immediate access to quick-turn copying and digital printing.  This new tool is another example of the many digital and mobile printing services available through FedEx Office.”

See the video here

Jun 23, 2014
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Keith Krach CEO of DocuSign Recognized as CNBC Disruptor50 2014

Keith Krach CEO and DocuSign were recognized as ground-breaking innovators as one of CNBC’s Disruptor50.

From ‘The CNBC Disruptor 50 List’:

DocuSign adds 21st-century meaning to the phrase “Sign on the dotted line.” The 11-year-old company offers cloud-based e-signature technology that lets users across a whole host of industries and professions sign and send documents securely online.

As the global standard in e-signatures, the San Francisco-based company’s service reduces transaction times, increases security and reduces cost by eliminating the need for paper. Its 105,000-plus business customers comprise 48 million users in 188 countries, and DocuSign claims about 40,000 new users sign on every day.

…Since its launch, DocuSign has raised more than $200 million in venture capital—including an $85 million round in March—reinforcing speculation that it is preparing for an IPO before the end of the year.”

Below is a video of Keith Krach CEO on “Squawk Alley” after the Disruptor50 2014 list was announced:

See the video here


Jun 3, 2014
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DocuSign Announces Industry First Mobile SDK for DTM and eSignatures

DocuSign recently announced the industry’s first Mobile SDK for iOS, enabling mobile developers to build Digital Transaction Management (DTM) and electronic signing capabilities natively into mobile apps. Built on DocuSign’s DTM platform, the DocuSign Mobile SDK is optimized for rapid development. Developers can now build transaction and electronic signature functionality into apps in as little as an hour, with extensive options to customize the appearance and the style for user’s experience.

The DocuSign Mobile SDK allows users to sign and compete any document-based transaction directly within mobile apps. The SDK also allows users to host “in-person signing sessions” within an app, which will show customers how easy it is to sign and complete a transaction in seconds.

DocuSign’s ‘Beta Heroes’ Program is eligible to select participants in DocuSign’s Mobile SDK Beta Program. The program extends developer support from DocuSign and offers future opportunities for global co-promotion. As a Beta Hero, a developer can receive technical support from DocuSign experts, showcase an app to the DocuSign community, and provide direct feedback to DocuSign while helping to shape the future of the Mobile SDK.

“DocuSign’s trusted Digital Transaction Management platform and worldwide user base ensures TouchBase’s apps to be trusted and secure,” said Santosh Khare, CEO of TouchBase Inc., a sales enablement mobile platform. “TouchBase’s customers will love the ability to manage digital transactions and get documents electronically signed with our mobile app built using the DocuSign Mobile SDK. “

DocuSign is further simplifying the process of building secure, authenticated DTM capabilities into native mobile apps, with an API cited by Programmable Web as “the strongest of all the providers.” DocuSign Mobile SDK is currently only for iOS. App users can now sign and complete any document-based transaction natively within an app.

Interested in downloading the DocuSign Mobile SDK and joining the ‘Beta Heroes’ Program? Visit for more details.

May 16, 2014
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DocuSign Unveils Transaction Management Platform for Real Estate Brokers

DocuSign Inc. has launched DocuSign for Real Estate Broker Edition, its Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform for brokers. This latest solution adds deeper transaction functionality along with real-time visibility, reporting, and document checklists, allowing brokers to manage their business from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

DocuSign for Real Estate Broker Edition gives real estate brokers a simple way to manage several offices with a single, unified dashboard report of activity. Since its release in February, more than 120 brokerages have adopted the service, representing more than 13,000 agents.

“The interest, adoption and momentum we are seeing around our Digital Transaction Management platform and Transaction Rooms among brokers has been tremendous,” said Tom Gonser, founder and chief strategy officer for DocuSign. “DocuSign has become the catalyst that’s helping brokers make the digital transformation in their business. DocuSign is creating a better experience for everyone involved in the real estate transaction – from buyers and sellers, to agents, loan officers, inspectors, and more.”

The new features of DocuSign for Real Estate Broker Edition introduce increased security and control with transactions and a better agent and client experience. These features also include: Enhanced Transaction Room (customizable documents checklists), Broker Team Management Tools (create new agent and staff accounts and manage Transaction Room ownership), as well as Improved Compliance (eliminate document errors and related costs by ensuring all documents have complete, correct information.)

“DocuSign is the industry standard in real estate because it is the easiest and more secure DTM platform to mange transactions,” said Jimmy Dulin, broker-owner of RE/MAX Ability Plus In Carmel, Indiana. “DocuSign has helped us be a more efficient, effective and ‘green’ brokerage so our agents can focus on creating a great experience for their clients without the hassles, costs and impact of having to print, fax, scan, overnight or drive around town to close a deal.”

For more information on DocuSign for Real Estate Broker Edition, visit

Mar 18, 2014
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Keith Krach Announces Retirement from Angie’s List Board of Directors

Keith Krach has announced his decision to retire from Angie’s List Board of Directors, which will be effective on the date of the company’s annual meeting of stockholders in May. The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of the Board has begun the process to identify a successor and plan to announce Keith Krach’s successor at or before the annual meeting.

“Leaving the board of this great company at a time when it is only beginning to realize its market opportunity was a very difficult decision,” said Mr. Krach. “That said, the growing demands of serving as Chief Executive Officer of DocuSign have made it increasingly difficult to devote the time and energy that Angie’s List deserves in its Chairman, and I have concluded that the time is right to step aside.”

Bill Oesterle, Angie’s List’s Chief Executive Officer and founder, thanked Mr. Krach for his service.

“Since joining the Board just before our IPO, Keith has made tremendous contributions to Angie’s List both in terms of his business insights and his dedication to the highest standards of corporate governance,” Oesterle said. ”We will sincerely miss him, but we are also deeply proud of Keith’s accomplishments leading DocuSign to become the global standard for Digital Transaction Management, and wish him the greatest of success in his future endeavors.”

Angie’s List helps more than 2 million consumers in more than 253 cities across the U.S. have happy transactions with local service providers in 720 categories of service, ranging from home improvement to health care. The subscription business model includes a highly structured accountability process designed to provide members with highly reliable information they use to make hiring decisions. Angie’s List members have access to local consumer ratings and reviews, exclusive discounts, the Angie’s List magazine, and the Angie’s List complaint resolution service.