Mentorship: Global Mentor Network

Transformational Causes
Transformational Causes

Co-Founded by Silicon Valley Entrepreneur, Keith Krach, the Global Mentor Network is an exciting pay-it-forward enterprise with a noble mission to solve one of the world’s great challenges: building the next generation of principled, transformational leaders.

Aspiring Leaders know that mentorship is the best way to learn leadership, but great mentors are hard to find. Experienced Leaders have a lot of lessons to share, but one-on-one mentoring is time consuming and has limited impact. GMN solves the problem through online mentorship at scale.

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Higher Education: Purdue University; Georgetown Law

Transformational Causes
Transformational Causes

Keith and Metta Krach are dedicated to improving the quality and value of higher education, while making college and professional learning more accessible to all.

Keith Krach served as chairman of Purdue University’s Board of Trustees from 2009 to 2013. In 2012, he recruited Mitch Daniels to be the 12th president of the university. During Krach’s tenure, Purdue froze tuition and saw record research funding and philanthropic giving of more than $1 billion. Krach also oversaw the creation of Purdue University Global, which makes university-level training available online all over the world.

Metta is a passionate supporter of education, the arts, civic works projects, and basic needs organizations. She is proud to serve on the Board of Visitors for her alma mater, Georgetown Law School.

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Leadership development: Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop

Transformational Causes
Transformational Causes

The mission of Sigma Chi is to develop values-based leaders committed to the betterment of character, their campus and their community. In essence, this is about one word: Leadership.

During his six-year term as Chairman of the Sigma Chi Leadership Training Board, Krach led the development and launch of Horizons Leadership Summit in Snowbird, Utah and secured funding from the L.G. Balfour Foundation to endow Leadership Training Workshop in 1997.

In 2019, Sigma Chi’s main leadership training event was renamed the Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop, fulfilling his vision of developing transformational leaders in an annual immersion program for over 1,500 undergraduates from 240 universities. Participants engage in a series of mentoring sessions, strategic planning exercises, and experiential learning modules which can earn college credit or leadership certificates.

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Tech Microloans: Opportunity International

Transformational Causes
Opportunity International

 Opportunity International and the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue have created The Trusted Tech Microfinance Partnership to close the digital divide in low-income countries through the adoption of trusted technology.

With the sponsorship of the Krach Family Foundation, the partnership will transform the lives of microentrepreneurs by empowering them to participate in the digital economy, with innovative paths to earn income, gain confidence in trusted technology, and improve the quality of life for their families and communities.

The Trusted TechFinance initiative will enable participants to access trusted technology products, online education, and training to make existing businesses more scalable and efficient and pursue a broad array of technology-enabled careers including programming, e-commerce, web design, customer service and more.

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Tech Statecraft Training: Universities, Military Academies, Government Agencies

Transformational Causes
Krach Teaches Trust Principle at West Point

With growing global challenges, Krach is committed to training aspiring leaders on how sound economic and business principles can enhance our national security strategy. He teaches how he deployed his ‘Trust Principle’ doctrine to defend against technological authoritarianism, safeguard global economic security, preserve democracy, and protect human rights.

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Krach Family Foundation

The Krach Family Foundation funds a broad range of transformational causes, including the Keith Krach leadership scholarship at Purdue University. It has been awarded to five students each year since 2009. Learn More

City Year

City Year helps develop future transformational leaders through mentorship. Long-time supporters Metta and Keith Krach were honored with the City Year Citizen Leadership Award in 2018. Learn More

New Story

New Story is solving homelessness through innovative financing and 3-D printed homes. According to Krach, “New Story’s mission is inspiring to me, and their innovative model is one that scales.” Learn More

Special Olympics

Krach helped transform the Special Olympics by leveraging DocuSign know-how to digitize the doctor-signed permission slips athletes need to compete. Enabling thousands of athletes to achieve their dreams. Learn More

Corporate Giving — DocuSign Impact Foundation

DocuSign Impact logo
Krach establishes DocuSign IMPACT Foundation

Keith Krach founded the DocuSign IMPACT foundation to, “Transform people’s lives by transforming noble causes.” The foundation harnesses the power of DocuSign’s people, products, and profits for good by underwriting paid time off for employees to give back to their communities, by helping organizations boost efficiency using DocuSign technologies, and by matching employee gifts to the causes they support.

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“Keith’s transformational leadership inspired the creation of DocuSign IMPACT Foundation which empowers our employees to ‘transform people’s lives by transforming noble causes.’ City Year is a perfect example.”
Amy Skeeters-Behrens
Executive Director, DocuSign IMPACT Foundation