Creating Trusted Tech Categories

Creating a new category that people trust is the best way to establish a dominant market position. This strategy works whether you’re in the public or private sector.

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Building Trusted Teams

The company or organization with the best team wins, period. To build a high performance team, you need to create an environment where diverse teams can work together with a shared vision. The foundation is TRUST.

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Forming Trusted Partnerships

Striking up trusted strategic partnerships is a powerful way to tap new markets, increase scale, and build a brand and bottom line. This is true whether you’re talking enterprise software or NATO.

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Constructing Trust Networks

No matter what you’re trying to achieve, a trusted network can expand your reach and influence. To really accelerate growth, build a network of networks.

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Developing Trust Standards

In Silicon Valley, industry standards set the rules of the game. DocuSign created the xDTM standard to measure the level of trust in a transaction. The Clean Network set trust standards that enabled countries to safeguard information and freedom.

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Transformational Strategies
“Trust is the most important word in any language. It’s the basis of every relationship—business, personal, or otherwise. You do business with people you TRUST. You partner with people you TRUST. You buy from people you TRUST. You love people you TRUST.”
Keith Krach
Chairman & co-founder Krach Institute for Tech DIplomacy; Former U.S. Under Secretary of State; Former Chairman & CEO DocuSign and Ariba