Keith Krach

Chairman, Purdue Center for Tech Diplomacy
Fmr. U.S. Under Secretary of State;
CEO DocuSign & Ariba

keith krach transformational leader

A transformational leader challenges the status quo, mobilizing and empowering people to achieve a noble cause that will have a profound, far-reaching impact.

Keith Krach Passionate Mentor

Paying it forward—by serving to inspire and mentor a new generation of transformational leaders in the public, private and social sectors.

Keith Krach and Meg Whitman

The catalyst for genius and the secret sauce for building high performance teams is diversity of thought and having different temperaments, talents and convictions.

2018 Transformational Leader of the Year

Keith Krach Eight Transformations

“We’re inspired by Keith Krach. It’s hard not to be. Everywhere he goes, his dynamism and enthusiasm light up the room. Everyone is energized in his electric aura—awed as he unabashedly shares some personal failure that taught a vital life lesson, or encouraged as he paints his vision of a brighter future. This at a time when negativity, pessimism, and division have overtaken so many.” –

“Three attributes stand out about Krach. “Character, as in, do the right thing; global vision; and then the third thing is joy. It’s so authentic it’s contagious.”

—Investor’s Business Daily

“Krach has become a category kingmaker, building four game-changing companies from robotics to engineering software to e-commerce to e-signature and digital transaction management, and all four companies are considered disruptors, became clear market leaders through category creation, generated significant shareholder value, and chose paper or manual processes as their main competitors.”

—Bruce Harreld, Harvard Business School’s former faculty chair of Building New Businesses

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