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01/01/2021 Source:  Vision Times
Author: Vision Times News 1 min read

5G War: ‘Clean Network’ Aims to Counter Beijing’s Aim for Global Hegemony

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5G War: ‘Clean Network’ Aims to Counter Beijing’s Aim for Global Hegemony
The U.S. has disrupted China's plan to dominate global 5G. (Image: pixabay / CC0 1.0)

In 2020, the Trump administration launched the “Clean Network” campaign to stop Communist China from applying Huawei to integrate it into the communication infrastructure of as many countries as possible.

Over 50 nations and 180 telecom companies have joined this initiative, giving the United States a huge win over China’s global agenda to dominate 5G. These countries represent over two-thirds of the world’s economy. They include 26 of 27 members of the European Union, as well as major economies like Japan, India, Singapore, Taiwan, Israel, and Canada.

“In upcoming 5G networks, mobile data traffic entering American diplomatic systems will be subject to new, stringent requirements if it has transited Huawei equipment. The objective is that untrusted IT vendors will have no access to US State Department systems. We will follow the letter of the law to ensure that we have a clean path for all 5G network traffic coming into all of our facilities, period. We will keep doing all we can to keep our critical data and our networks safe from the Chinese Communist Party,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated back in April.

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