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08/25/2020 Source:  The Federalist
Author: Helen Raleigh 1 min read

American Universities Are Now The Front Line Of The China-U.S. Cold War

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American Universities Are Now The Front Line Of The China-U.S. Cold War
Miller Library is Colby College's main library, which stands at the center of campus. It was modeled after the Baker Memorial Library at Dartmouth College, which was, in turn, inspired by Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

For decades, Communist China has cunningly exerted its influence, spread its propaganda, and conducted espionage on college campuses across America.

The Trump administration has taken several steps to address the growing threat of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) influence on U.S. college campus last week. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo designated Confucius Institute U.S. centers as a foreign agent for Communist China.

His action was followed by a letter to the governing boards of American universities from Under-Secretary Keith Krach. Krach warned these board members that their institutions are at the forefront of a serious challenge “brought on by the authoritarian influence of the Chinese Communist Party.

Within the same week, the Wall Street Journal reported that some professors at several elite American universities, including Harvard and Princeton, are taking steps such as using anonymous online chats to protect students from prosecution by Chinese authorities under the new National Security Law in Hong Kong.

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