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12/19/2018 Source:  Bold Business
Author: John R. Miles 1 min read

Bold Leader Spotlight: Transformational Leader

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As an engineering student at Purdue University, Keith Krach was in awe when he was accepted into Harvard’s MBA program. Now, everything will come full circle for this transformational leader. This coming year, Keith Krach will join George Schultz, Andy Grove, John Chambers, Bill Hewlett, Dave Packard, Charles Schwab, and Gordon Moore as a recipient of the Harvard Business School Association of Northern California’s Business Leader of the Year—while hundreds of his peers celebrate his accomplishments. Throughout his incredible career, Keith Krach has epitomized bold leadership in every possible way. Given the tremendous impact that he has made on so many—for this former CEO of DocuSign Inc. to receive such accolades is undoubtedly fitting.

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