Category King Maker

12.30.2016 2 min read
Category King Maker

Twenty years ago, Silicon Valley veteran Keith Krach disrupted the intensely paper-based purchasing process by creating the category of B2B e-commerce. The company he built – Ariba – now has $1 trillion worth of commerce going through its network every year – more than Amazon, eBay and Alibaba combined.

Now, as chairman and CEO of DocuSign, Krach is disrupting paper- based agreements globally by creating the category of Digital Transaction Management (DTM). The DocuSign Global Trust Network now has more than 250,000 companies and 100 million users across 188 countries, and it is adding 130,000 new users every day.

Asked the secret to building game- changing categories, Krach replies without hesitation, “At the end of the day, we measure our success by our customers’ success, and it’s all about providing a trusted service on a global network.

“DocuSign has emerged as the clear leader for perhaps one of the most strategic, and potentially one of the largest, categories in the cloud today – Digital Transaction Management.

DTM empowers anyone to transact anything, anytime, anywhere, on any device, securely. DocuSign’s category has become the catalyst for companies’ digital transformations.

Kevin Bandy, chief digital officer at Cisco, says, “As the global standard for Digital Transaction Management, DocuSign is at the very heart of digital transformation, helping organizations of every size and industry go digital.

According to DocuSign’s customers, it is the first step in a company’s digital transformation for three reasons:

  1. The value proposition is easily quanti able, dramatically improving the top and bottom lines.
  2. Before implementing arti cial intelligence, analytics and big data, the paper must be digitized rst.
  3. Provides quick wins to gain momentum for the cultural aspect of the transformation.

As one DocuSign customer said when referring to the organizational challenges of digitally transforming: “In order to steer a ship, it has to be moving. And DocuSign provides the quick wins to get us moving.

“It’s clear that Krach has not only created another global network, but as other category creators like Google and FedEx have done, he’s also turned the company name into a verb.

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