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12/26/2018 Source:  Gentry Magazine
Author: Tess Wallace 1 min read

Cover Story: Krach Shares the Secret to His Success

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In many ways, Keith Krach is a lucky man. How else would one describe a self-made billionaire born in Ohio to an affable machine-shop owner? Well, Krach would argue that not only is he not lucky, there is no such thing as luck at all. Perhaps the best illustration of his point is a story he tells of playing 7th grade basketball with a kid named Frank Wilson. While Krach would tire himself out scoring four points per game, Wilson would, despite having a worse shot, score eighteen. Baffled, Krach turned to the game footage and found that while he was busy chasing the ball, Wilson would quietly put himself in a position from which shooting was easy—all Wilson’s teammates had to do was pass to him and he could score, dinky shot or not. So when Krach says he is not lucky, really, he is right. The true definition of luck, he will tell you, is when preparation meets opportunity.

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