Focus, Focus, Focus – The Beachhead Strategy

04.06.2018 1 min read
Focus, Focus, Focus – The Beachhead Strategy

A vital step of creating a category is establishing a strong beachhead. However, not all beachheads are created equally. The steps are to land, secure, attack, and expand. The goal is to have extreme focus and maximize the volume of the beachhead matrix (above). Here are the 7 key factors of beachhead selection.

  1. Potential to unlock significant and meaningful value.
  2. Weak incumbents – Fragmented, disliked, distracted competitors, no one, can’t punch back (e.g. paper).
  3. Size – large enough to survive, if it’s the only market, small enough to claim leadership position.
  4. Defensibility – leverages a unique strategic advantage, technological, know-how, captive market, legal, etc…
  5. Offensibility – creates strategic high ground that is crucial in securing adjacent beachheads.
  6. Strong allies – companies, influencers, institutions that would benefit from a 60/60 partnership.
  7. Credibility – gives notoriety that impacts future beachheads.