How DocuSign Became an Integral Part of the Tech Industry

Benzinga 09.22.2017 1 min read
How DocuSign Became an Integral Part of the Tech Industry

Since its introduction in 2003, DocuSign has become a mainstay of several industries, essentially bringing sectors like insurance and real estate into the 21st century. In its nearly 15 years in the technology space, it’s been the subject of acquisition rumors from almost every tech giant and essentially become one itself, with over $500 million in funding and a valuation of over $3 billion.

So when DocuSign chairman Keith Krach speaks at the Benzinga Fintech Summit in San Francisco on Sept. 28, he’s doing so with a perspective that could be immensely valuable to startup CEOs and institutional executives in the room. As fintech startups vie for pieces of the trillion-dollar financial services pie, they could take a lesson or two from a company that has experience upgrading Stone Age industries.

So, what are some of the secret ingredients in the DocuSign recipe? According to Krach, it’s a result of a “leverage growth model — a “strategy of a series of sequential chess moves that identify an unserved need in the marketplace, typically brought on by a technology paradigm shift and sequentially creating a category and platform around it, then turbocharging it with partners, industry standards and creating a network effect.

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