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03/31/2016 Source:  Inc.
Author: Heather R. Morgan 1 min read

How This Ohio Farm Boy Built a Billion Dollar Software Empire –

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While many entrepreneurs dream of building a billion-dollar business, few are able to achieve that in their lifetimes.

So how did DocuSign’s Chairman and CEO, Keith Krach, go from being an Ohio farm boy, who just wanted to help his dad out with a machine shop, to building Ariba and DocuSign, which are collectively valued at more than $7 billion?

While waiting for a bus near the DocuSign headquarters in San Francisco, I decided to cold email DocuSign’s CEO and find out.

A week later he responded and we set up a meeting where we had a cup of tea and he told me his life’s story, all the way from getting a full-ride scholarship from GM at Purdue and Harvard Business School, to the decisions that led him to building Ariba in 1996, along with building DocuSign to a company now worth more than $3 billion with more than 85 million users in 188 countries.

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