How to build a startup: 7 tips from Keith Krach

Techtarget 04.29.2021 1 min read
How to build a startup: 7 tips from Keith Krach

Technology entrepreneur Keith Krach, 62, is on the cusp of what could be a new chapter in his career. In January, the former chairman and CEO of DocuSign, an e-signature software maker, was nominated to be the undersecretary of state for economic growth, energy and the environment by President Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, awaiting confirmation, Krach has been doing some looking back. In part one of this three-part interview, he reflected on his early days at General Motors — dubbed “Generous Motors” by his father after the automotive giant awarded Krach a scholarship to Purdue University, where he earned an engineering degree, and sent him to Harvard Business School.

Krach also recounted his decision to leave the automotive business for the uncertain territory of Silicon Valley, where he started Rasna Corp., a maker of a new category of software, called mechanical design synthesis. He ultimately sold the startup for a small fortune.

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