In the Business of Trust: Tech Entrepreneur and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Keith Krach Shares the Secret to Good Leadership

American Essence 07.11.2022 1 min read
Krach meets with South Korea’s then-foreign minister Kang Kyung-wha

Tech entrepreneur and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Keith Krach delves deep into the foundation of all successful relationships—whether that’s at the personal or national level

Keith Krach, former undersecretary of state and current billionaire entrepreneur, first started working at his father’s Ohio mechanics shop when he was 12. As he worked alongside his father, those valuable lessons his father imparted became the principles by which Krach has conducted business, from the time he was the youngest vice president of GM to his Silicon Valley ventures. They also inspired the goal Krach wanted to achieve during his time in public service: propelling America’s tech innovations so that she can continue to be the world’s foremost economic power.


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