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05/05/2021 Source:  Voice of America
Author: Daphne Dung-Ning Fan 1 min read

Keith Krach Interview with Voice of America — Beating China Inc.

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Former Under Secretary Krach joined VOA’s Daphne Dung-Ning Fan for a wide-ranging discussion of the threats posed to the U.S. and its allies by China’s ongoing violation of key trust principles.

Excerpts from transcript:

Daphne Dung-Ning Fan: You are the highest ranking State Department official who visits Taiwan since 1979. Could you please share with us more detail of that important trip from your perspective?

Keith Krach: Yeah, obviously it was a great honor and it really fit in with our overall strategy. The purpose of my trip was to go to President Lee’s memorial service. We would call him the George Washington of Taiwan. I was greeted with 40 fighters and bombers, but it really gave me a chance to interact with a lot of the business people that I’ve interacted with before over the years from the private sector, but also spent a lot of time with the government. And I had a great. Or with President Tsai, and it was really there that we came up with the it was a catalyst for economic prosperity partnership between Taiwan and the United States.

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