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05/07/2019 Source:  Life & News
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Keith Krach Receives Unanimous Endorsement of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

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Featured Video (above) – Keith Krach testifies before Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Keith Krach has received the unanimous endorsement of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to serve as the next Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment. Last December, Life & News named Krach its 2018 Transformational Leader of the Year for his Commitment to Leadership and Eight World-Changing Transformations: Robotics, Engineering Automation, Electronic Commerce, Leadership Development, Higher Education, Digital Transformation, Philanthropy and Mentorship.

Now, following a remarkable history of transforming industries and institutions in the business, educational and social sectors, Krach will, if confirmed, shift his focus to the public sector, to test his mettle in perhaps the greatest and most challenging arena of all—leading U.S. economic diplomacy for State Department.

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