Krach Reveals Growth Drivers

Vator 11.25.2013 1 min read
Krach Reveals Growth Drivers

Keith Krach of DocuSign reveals to Reena Jadhav of StartupDen the drivers of growth along with his advice to entrepreneurs. He shares that their success came as a result of the strategy to attack specific verticals including Realestate, Financial services and Insurance. The first inflection point was crossed when the National association of realtors declared DocuSign the standard for electronic signatures. They then forged a partnership with which led to the next wave of deals. Finally the Financial Services and Insurance sectors were cracked.

They currently add about 70,000 users a day driven equally by three channels:

  • 1/3rd of the users are signed up via self service such as realtors and architects
  • 1/3rd are signed up via the inside sales team focussing on SMB space
  • 1/3rd are acquired via deals with large enterprise

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