Krach’s 16 Year Quest to Reinvent the Business World

Business Insider 07.13.2012 1 min read
Krach’s 16 Year Quest to Reinvent the Business World

DocuSign had a big day yesterday by landing $47.5 million in funding, along with adding Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins to the board.

Last year, the company added another big name when Keith Krach, the founder of Ariba, signed on as CEO.

Since 2004, the e-signature company has been helping both businesses and consumers eliminate the hassle of signing paperwork—while keeping things legal and secure.

That quest to eliminate paperwork has informed Krach’s entire career—stretching back to the days when he became the youngest vice president in the history of General Motors at the age of 26. He went on to start Ariba, an online procurement-software company, in 1996. In so doing, he helped create the whole category of business-to-business e-commerce.

We chatted with Krach to find out a little bit more about DocuSign and what it has in store.

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