Purdue institute wants tech used to advance democracy

IBJ 12.07.2022 1 min read
Purdue institute wants tech used to advance democracy

Ever since its launch in July 2021, a Purdue University-affiliated initiative has been ramping up its efforts toward an ambitious goal: helping to ensure that technology is used in ways that advance democracy.

The Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue, which is part of the university-affiliated Purdue Research Foundation, aims to educate policymakers, diplomats and others about artificial intelligence, semiconductors, quantum computing and other technologies relevant to national security and U.S. foreign policy.

The institute wants technology to be developed and used in ways that advance freedom and democracy, rather than authoritarianism.

“This is really a long-term challenge,” said the Krach Institute’s director, Michelle Giuda, who joined the institute in October. Giuda comes from a background in communications, politics and government, including serving as assistant secretary of state for global public affairs at the U.S. Department of State from 2018-2020.

“The stakes right now are as high as they can get,” Giuda said. “If we want to advance freedom, we have to secure technology.”

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