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07/26/2016 Source:  Huffpost
Author: Vala Afshar 1 min read

The Characteristics of Built-to-Last Companies -Huffington Post, July 2017

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The total number of unicorn companies is at 168, according to a list compiled by CBInsights. The total value of these unicorns (private companies valued over $1 billion) is $597 billion.

Ray Wang, bestselling author and CEO of Constellation Research, and I recently interviewed a chief executives officer (CEO) of a startup valued over $3 billion dollars, commonly referred to as unicorns, a chief operating officer (COO) of a unicorn that is the success IPO story of 2016, and an aspiring unicorn CEO, during our weekly show called DisrupTV. We asked these extraordinary business leaders, and a futurist, to share business, leadership and innovation lesson learned. Most importantly, we focused on the art and science of leading companies that are built to last.

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