The Clean Network on Human Rights and Environment

Life & News 12.03.2020 1 min read
The Clean Network on Human Rights and Environment
The Clean Network on Human Rights and Environment
Our Ocean 2019 Sustainable Fisheries Panel. U.S. Under Secretary Keith Krach speaking in panel on sustainable fisheries at the Our Ocean Conference, Oslo, Norway, October 2019

Part IV
The Clean Network on Human Rights and Clean Labor Practices

Leadership by example is a key tenet for Krach especially for modeling the way for the Clean Network’s Trust Principles with respect to human rights and the environment. This is particularly true when it comes to the CCP’S surveillance practices and egregious human rights abuses against the people of Xingjian and Hong Kong as well as their environmental abuses.

State Department official tells US companies to ‘be aware’ of Chinese brands using slave labor

Keith Krach previously sent a letter warning businesses about “some of the most serious acts involving mass human rights abuses since the Second World War.”

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