The Trump Adviser Who’s Welcome In Bidenworld

06.09.2022 3 min read
Keith Krach with Taiwan's President Tsai and TSMC's Morris Chang

Former U.S. President Trump and current President Biden belong to different political parties, and their aides have different views on many issues. However, the U.S. political network media “POLITICO” pointed out on the 7th that Krach, the undersecretary of the State Department during Trump’s time, was not with Biden. Denton’s team has close contacts, and even Campbell, the coordinator for Indo-Pacific affairs at the National Security Council, has said that the State Department is continuing the plan promoted by Krach during his tenure.

Keith Krach served as the Undersecretary of the State Department in charge of Economic Growth, Energy and Environmental Affairs in 2019, and visited Taiwan in September 2020 as a U.S. representative to attend the memorial service for former Chinese President Lee Teng-hui, and he has also visited Taiwan since 1979. The highest-ranking State Department official. 

But Krach was also in attendance when Gina Raimondo, the Biden administration’s commerce secretary, urged Congress in March to pass the America COMPETES Act. The Atlantic Council, a U.S. think tank, held a seminar in April to arrange for Krach to speak with Kurt Campbell about the U.S.-China competitive relationship.

Biden administration continues to push Krach’s plan

Campbell said bluntly at the time: “Continuing the (previous government’s) program is a rare thing in the government department, because when the new government comes in, they think: ‘I have a better idea, I’m going to do it differently.'” The programs pushed by the State Department…the Biden administration has continued almost entirely, and in many ways, it is the highest tribute.”

“POLITICO” mentioned that the Biden administration has so far continued many Trump-era policies towards China, including imposing import tariffs on Chinese goods, but the Biden administration announced on the 7th that it will exempt four Southeast Asian countries from Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. The country’s solar panel import tariff is two years, “many parts of (solar panels) come from China.”

The Biden administration has also continued to advise other countries not to allow Huawei, a communications company with close ties to the CCP, to carry out 5G network infrastructure, which is one of the policies implemented by Krach during his tenure. Krach acts as an unofficial advisor to the Commerce Department on China policy.

Unofficial Consultant Role for Secretary of Commerce 

“Raimondo wanted to know about the Clean Network of Democracies program,” Krach said. “It allowed me to collaborate, update and advise many of her people and Alan Estevez is one of them.” The Atlantic Council held a seminar in May that arranged for Krach and Estevez to talk about global technology security. The Commerce Department did not respond to Krach’s advisory role. “POLITICO” bluntly stated that Krach is not a typical government bureaucrat. For example, he told Fox News that China’s persecution of Uyghur Muslims is “genocide”.