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Author: Jin Yusen 7 min read

The U.S. Will Overthrow the CCP Firewall

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The U.S. Will Overthrow the CCP Firewall
The "Great Firewall" is a network censorship system established by the CCP to monitor networks and filter out websites, IP addresses, keywords, and URLs that involve sensitive content outside of China.

“Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down this Wall! Famous words of US President Ronald Reagan shouted in 1987 Outside Brandenburg gate at the Berlin wall, to the Soviet leader inside the wall. This sentence came true two years later, the Berlin Wall fell, and the Soviet Communist regime collapsed in the cheers of the people. Now, the U.S. government has once again uttered the rhetoric of “Tear down the (CCP) firewall!”, leading people to speculate whether it will become the fuse to disintegrate the CCP regime.

The U.S. Secretary of State says it will overthrow the CCP’s Internet firewall

The countries established by the Communist Party are all “wall” countries. In the past, the Soviet Union blocked the borders of East and West Germany, built walls to block East Germans within the walls, and cut off information exchanges with the outside world, All official disagreement messages. The foundations of these two communist regimes are both based on lies and violence, knowing that once the people have the ability to obtain the true information and understand the truth, they will be empowered to disintegrate the regime.

In September of this year, after the U.S. State Secretary Keith Krach visited Taiwan in a whirlwind of the Chinese Democracy Beacon, he flew to Berlin, Germany, to relive the historical moment when the people of East and West Germany overthrew the Berlin Wall and stood by the statue of President Reagan in the U.S. Embassy On the side, he quoted Reagan’s famous saying to the Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping: “Thirty years ago, President Reagan said, “Mr. Gorbachev, please tear down this wall. Now the Berlin Wall is gone, but new figures the city wall appeared, that is, the Great Firewall of China… The Great Firewall of China separates the Chinese people from the free world, just like the Berlin Wall separates the Germans from each other. The Berlin Wall was overthrown more than 30 years ago. Therefore, I’m here to borrow President Reagan’s words, Mr. Xi (Xi Jinping), please bring down the Great Firewall of China.

Then, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made it clear that the Chinese people yearn for freedom, and “the United States to ensure that the Chinese people have pipeline access to information, data and all They need the information,” and said they want to help the Chinese people ” tear down this firewall “. This is the current highest-level official in the United States. Publicly targeting the CCP’s Internet blockade explains the U.S. government’s position and actions, continues the previously announced strategic policy toward the CCP, cuts the relationship between the CCP and the Chinese people, and assists the Chinese people in defending basic human rights and universality. value.

The totalitarian expansion of the CCP’s Internet harms the world

The ” Great Firewall ” is a set of Internet censorship system established by the CCP in 1999 to monitor public networks and filter out websites, IP addresses, keywords and URLs involving sensitive content outside of China. It is also called China Firewall, Internet Great Wall, Great Wall Firewall or National Firewall. The CCP has continuously strengthened its control over the Internet. In 2001, it began to construct the “Golden Shield” project to link all data centers in China and conduct comprehensive domestic Internet data filtering and review. The CCP’s Internet totalitarianism was born. The CCP can control all domestic messages at will. Chinese netizens lose their right to speak and know. Weibo, WeChat articles and messages will disappear inexplicably, their accounts will be blocked, and foreign websites such as Google, Facebook, and YouTube., Instagram cannot be connected to all, let alone online shopping on Amazon. Chinese netizens must use VPN or “Freegate” and “Unbounded Browsing” and other various circumvention software to break through the CCP’s filtering equipment and freely browse any website and news forum.

We often think that the only victims under the CCP’s Internet totalitarianism are Chinese. This completely seriously underestimates the threat of the CCP’s Great Firewall. This time the CCP has concealed the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic, leading to a global outbreak, which has become a bloody example of the CCP’s Internet totalitarian harming the world. Wuhan pneumonia far more than the number of infections worldwide 5,980 Wan people, killing more than 141 Wan people, the economic shut down, large numbers of people unemployed, the global economy back two decades. If the CCP could recognize the epidemic as early as possible, disclose all information, and allow the free flow of information about the epidemic, countries can respond quickly and correctly to avoid the catastrophe of this century.

In addition to blocking news, the CCP firewall can also switch from defense to offense, launching “cannon attacks” and destroying foreign websites (for details, please refer to my previous article ” Great Fire: Freedom Fighter Against CCP Internet Blockade”, “Kan” Magazine Issue 1984). Therefore, it should not only be the United States, but all countries in the world should stand up and demand that the CCP lift the Internet blockade, and all should assist the Chinese people in overthrowing this firewall.

Several methods to tear down the firewall

1. Built-in “anti-firewall” program

Although U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo talked about “overturning” the Internet firewall, the current US government’s primary strategy is to “evade” rather than destroying the CCP’s entire Internet firewall program and hardware equipment. According to a report by the “Voice of America”, the Chief Executive Officer of the US Agency for Global Media (Michael Park) announced in August this year that the Office of Internet Freedom was formally restored and that he was developing a website with an “anti-firewall”. “Program. The office will endeavor to “support the testing, deployment, and management of anti-censorship technologies to bypass Internet blocking, filtering, and other censorship used by some totalitarian governments such as China and Iran.” This will help mainland Chinese netizens to access blocked Internet Foreign websites freely and securely.

The ” Starlink Project” (Starlink) aims to deploy 12,000 low-orbit communication satellites over the earth to form a star-linked “global network communication system.”

2. Musk’s “Starlink Project”

Space exploration technology company SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has promoted the space high-speed Internet project since 2015-the ” Starlink Project” (Starlink), with the goal of deploying 12,000 low-orbits above the earth Communication satellites form a star-chain “global network communication system.” 2018 SpaceX successfully sent rockets, experimental communications satellite will send two rail; 2019 years, the CEO Musk once put 60 satellites into space, and the successful use of satellite Internet service chain in Twitter Tweet. The Starlink project currently seems imperative, and it is expected to provide global network services in the next few years. Once it becomes a reality, it will bring about a revolutionary change in China’s network system. The CCP’s firewall will no longer be able to prevent people from connecting to low-orbit satellites. Chinese netizens will be able to browse foreign websites freely without going over the wall.

3. “Bridgefy” Bluetooth Sharing

Bridgefy is already the application of choice for protesters all over the world. During the Hong Kong anti-transmission movement in 2019, many Hong Kong youths used a mobile app called ” Bridgefy ” to avoid being monitored and disconnected by the Chinese Communist Party and Hong Kong government. Bridgefy is based on Bluetooth technology. The two mobile phones can be connected without internet or Wi-Fi. The maximum connection distance can reach 300 meters or more. Even if the network is blocked or disconnected, the message remains Can stay unblocked. Recently, Bridgefy also released a new encryption function, which enables messages to be sent and received safely.