‘There Will Always Be a Need to Defend Taiwan’: Keith Krach on Countering Beijing’s Aggression

NTD 04.02.2022 1 min read
There will always be a need to defend Taiwan

In this special episode, we sat down with Keith Krach, former under secretary of state and 2022 Nobel peace prize nominee, to talk about Taiwan. Is the island going to war with China? And if it does, how would the conflict impact life here in America?

Krach said, “There will always be a need to defend Taiwan. And the reason is, they are a role model of democracy in that region. As a matter of fact, they’re a role model of democracy for the entire world. They also dispel Xi’s myth that the Chinese culture cannot survive a democracy and it needs an authoritarian government.”

Krach gives an example of what the United States and allies are doing to counter the China threat.

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