Transformational leadership style inspires ‘moonshot goals’

Techtarget 04.29.2021 1 min read
Transformational leadership style inspires ‘moonshot goals’

A year ago, entrepreneur Keith Krach decided to develop a forum for sharing what he’s learned about turning businesses into extraordinary successes. The effort would focus on “developing the next generation of transformational leaders,” he said.

The co-founder of Ariba, the world’s largest business-to-business trading platform, and former chairman and CEO of e-signature company DocuSign, however, didn’t plan to go it alone. He launched the Virtual Mentor Network, recruiting world-class leaders to pay it forward by getting them to talk about their transformational leader style.

“The challenge is that there are not enough great mentors to go around. So, taking world-class mentors and capturing them on video talking about their fears, their failures and their flaws is the best way to learn,” Krach said. “And creating a two-sided network of mentors and mentees follows the same strategy we used at Ariba and DocuSign.”

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