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09/29/2020 Source:  Epoch Times
Author: Zhang Ting 2 min read

Under Secretary Krach Calls on Xi Jinping to “Tear down China’s Great (Fire) Wall”

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Under Secretary Krach Calls on Xi Jinping to “Tear down China’s Great (Fire) Wall”
Under Secretary Krach calls on China's Xi Jinping to "Tear down China's Great (Fire) Wall"

The Undersecretary of the US State Department Keith Krach, who was visiting Europe a few days ago, said next to the statue of former US President Reagan in Berlin that the Berlin Wall has fallen. But the Great Firewall of China (the Chinese Communist Party) emerged and isolated the Chinese people from the free world.

Just as Reagan shouted to Gorbachev and demanded that the Berlin Wall be overthrown, Krach told Xi Jinping overthrow the Great Firewall (also known as the Great Firewall) and lift the Internet blockade on the Chinese people.

Krach posted a video on Twitter on Monday (September 28), standing next to the statue of Ronald Reagan, former President of the U.S. Embassy, quoting Reagan asking Soviet leader Gorbachev in West Berlin in 1987 The famous saying to tear down the wall.

Krach said, “Here we are in Berlin. Where over 30 years ago, President Ronald Reagan said, ‘Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.’

“The Berlin Wall is gone. But a new digital wall has emerged. The Great Firewall of China. The Great Firewall of China, separates the Chinese people from the free world just as the Berlin Wall separated the German people from each other. Over 30 years ago, the Berlin Wall came crashing down. So to borrow the words of President Reagan, Mr. Xi, Tear down China’s Great Firewall.”

Krach’s remarks aroused the attention of netizens. Some netizens said in a post, “Tear down China’s Great Firewall.”

Another netizen said that it would be more effective for the United States to overthrow the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

Some netizens said, “It is naive to ask Xi to remove the firewall.”

Krach visited many European countries from September 21 to October 4, striving for countries to join the “clean network” initiative proposed by the United States. When Krach visited Germany, he pressured Berlin to exclude Huawei, a major Chinese telecommunications company, from the 5G network. He emphasized that Huawei is the backbone of China’s (CCP) surveillance of the people and called on the free world to unite against Huawei.