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10/11/2022 Source:  The Epoch Times
Author: Andrew Thornebrooke 1 min read

US Must Build Trust to Counter CCP Authoritarianism: Nobel Nominee

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The United States must work to build trust at home and abroad if it is to effectively counter creeping authoritarianism from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), according to one nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.

“‘Trust’ is the most important word in any language,” said former under secretary of state Keith Krach during an Oct. 4 talk with the Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank.

“You do business with people you trust. You buy from people you trust. You partner with people you trust. You love the people you trust.”

U.S. leaders, Krach said, should lead the way internationally by divesting from China-based technology corporations connected to forced labor and investing instead in corporations and nations that promote data privacy, security, and human rights.

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