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09/22/2022 Source:  Daily Signal
Author: Samantha Renck 1 min read

US Should Formally Recognize Taiwan, Former Undersecretary of State Says

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Formally recognizing Taiwan would provide it with legitimacy and undermine the Chinese Communist Party’s assertion that the island nation across the Taiwan Strait was always part of China, says Keith Krach, a former undersecretary of state for economic growth, energy, and the environment.

Putin’s road map toward war is instructive. Russia is rewriting history to claim ‘legitimacy’ by declaring that Ukraine was part of Mother Russia,” Krach told The Daily Signal in an email. “Likewise, the Chinese Communist Party has been arm-twisting governments and organizations into supporting its assertion that Taiwan has always been part of China under the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ rubric.”

“The truth is, Beijing destroyed that dubious idea when it absorbed Hong Kong in 2020,” said Krach

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