Yahoo News Taiwan and other Taiwanese outlets, regarding the CHIPS and Science

Yahoo News 02.23.2023 2 min read
Yahoo News Taiwan and other Taiwanese outlets, regarding the CHIPS and Science

The United States has imposed strict export controls on China’s advanced chips, completely cracking down on opportunities for advanced technology to be used in high-tech and military fields. However, U.S. experts are not satisfied with the status quo, emphasizing that after blocking Huawei, priority should be given to setting more restrictions on Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent, because these companies assist the mainland in applying artificial intelligence technology to military equipment.

EE TIMES reported that former U.S. President Trump’s deputy secretary of commerce, Keith Krach, one of the architects of the chip bill, said that dozens of companies and their subsidiaries, including SMIC and Yangtze River Storage, pose a serious national threat to the United States. A security threat because they make semiconductors for the military.

Keith Krach called for further restrictions on mainland organizations and companies, and after Huawei, Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent are the three most important groups that need attention, “because these companies help mainland China use artificial intelligence technology in military equipment, especially In the field of surveillance, it is second only to Huawei.”

Keith Krach once again criticized that Huawei is the main tool for the mainland government to monitor the country, and it is also an organization that develops and produces military weapons. Huawei is also listed on the Ministry of Commerce’s entity list and the Ministry of National Defense’s list of CCP military enterprises.

Paul Triolo, senior vice president of Albright Stonebridge Group, mentioned that if the United States wants to make its sanctions policy effective, it can no longer rely on old international treaties for export control, but must reverse the ideas of Japan, the Netherlands and other allies in terms of end use and overall control , in order to exert power.