5 Secrets to Getting a Mentor Relationship Right

Forbes 11.28.2018 1 min read
5 Secrets to Getting a Mentor Relationship Right

Keith Krach’s mentees share their wisdom on getting the most out of mentorship.
There’s no better catalyst for building transformational leaders than mentor relationships–if they’re done right. I’ve asked a few of the stars I’ve mentored over the years to share their words of wisdom on getting mentorship right–from the mentee’s perspective. If you’re looking for a mentor, or thinking about entering a mentor relationship, these are some great ideas you should consider before taking the plunge. If you already have a mentor, remember these tips:

#1 It’s about personal transformation, not transactional favors.
I’ve heard some prominent critics of mentorship tell young entrepreneurs to stop whining, asking mentors for answers to questions they should get for themselves. I agree that mentors shouldn’t be shortcuts to industry knowledge for lazy entrepreneurs. But this idea of mentorship is all wrong. Mentorship is about personal growth, not industry knowledge. If you can Google it, it’s not a question for a mentor. Another sure way to ruin a mentor relationship is to ask for a job, a raise, or some other special treatment.

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