Advisory Board – So Much Experience and Wisdom

10.18.2017 2 min read
Advisory Board – So Much Experience and Wisdom

It’s 11pm and my mind is still buzzing from what may be one of the best DocuSign Advisory Board evenings Metta and I have had the privilege of hosting. From all around the globe, executives and professionals with vastly different experiences came together with a single goal and that is, to bring their winning knowledge, wisdom and advice into one place in support of advancing the DocuSign Global Trust Network.
Rarely do you get the opportunity to watch some of the greatest leadership minds on the planet come together to network, relax, enjoy some laughs, and provide advice on where DocuSign is headed. I’ve always believed that we have the unique opportunity to change the way business is done as part of a noble cause to eradicate paper.
What makes this gathering special is that after what the press called the top CEO software search in the world, I’ve passed the baton to an outstanding leader Dan Springer. There is no doubt in my mind that Dan is the right man at the right time. I had the honor of introducing Dan to the Advisory Board, and the Advisory Board to Dan, and they hit it off exceptionally well. Per our modus operandi, every Advisory Board member must unapologetically introduce themselves, tell their favorite DocuSign story and then give advice to Dan. Just as I had hoped, no one held back, and neither did Dan, fielding questions, but also graciously taking advice from these seasoned pros as he looks to continue DocuSign’s incredible journey of hyper growth.
I’ve often said that when you get an advisory board together of this caliber, no problem too big that it can’t be solved, no strategic endeavor too difficult that it can’t be turned into a competitive advantage. The DocuSign Advisory Board is one of the most strategic things that we do and seeing this group come together is magic.
I’m looking forward to where the Advisory Board’s continued wise counsel steers us, and inspiring the DocuSign team as we embark on the noble mission of changing the way business is done.