How to Avoid the Most Common Digital Transformation Pitfalls

LinkedIn 04.14.2017 1 min read
How to Avoid the Most Common Digital Transformation Pitfalls

By: Keith Krach

According to a recent survey by digital marketing resource Smart Insights, approximately two-thirds of companies are currently engaged or planning to engage in the digital transformation process. Organizations throughout every sector are rapidly realizing the numerous benefits of a digitized enterprise, from individual-level workplace efficiency to connectivity with an increasingly digitized global economy. But despite the countless advantages of digital transformation, the process carries significant risks. Forbes has found that 84 percent of all digital transformation efforts fail.

Whether your firm has already begun implementing digital improvements or you’ve just begun developing your digitization roadmap, it’s likely that you’ll encounter at least a few challenges along the way. In many cases, obstacles to digital transformation have very little to do with technology. Most significant roadblocks will likely come in the form of pushback from people within your organization, regulatory challenges, or the considerable task of integrating multiple digital tools into a comprehensive digital strategy.

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