11/08/2017 Source:  Entrepreneur Magazine

Make Friends First and Pretend You’re Switzerland: 7 Tips for a Successful Business Partnership

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Striking up strategic partnerships is a proven and powerful way to tap new markets, leverage an organization’s presence and ability to scale, and build a brand and bottom line.

That is, if you plan, pick and partner with the right organizations in pursuit of a mutually beneficial relationship. At DocuSign, that’s meant setting the salesman’s hat aside and truly making friends with people respected in their industries. The goal should always be to over-deliver in order to build a long-term, trusted partnership.

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It’s a rather simple playbook, one borne of an ethos of collaboration and shared benefit. Done well, organizations can align finance and equity needs, maximize go-to-market strategy, strengthen sales initiatives, foster technology integration and even cross-capitalize mutual enterprise-wide customers.

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